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Nevron Chart for .NET Features Overview

Nevron Chart for .NET is the leading data visualization component for .NET. With it you will be able to display dynamic charts in minutes. In terms of flexibility, speed and presentation quality this component simply has no competition.

Common Features for the WinForm and WebForm editions

1. The only chart for .NET which can display distinct looking charts with presentation "out of the box" quality, without sacrificing speed.

2. Ability to display the following charting types:

3. Integrated gauges.
The component supports radial and linear gauges with lots of extensions like border, markers, needles and range indicators.

4. Flexible integrated legend.
Lots of predefined styles, positions and data layout strategies. Header and Footer.

5. Built in functions and formula support.
The component has extensive custom formula support with 50+ predefined functions including commonly used financial indicators like: Relative Strength Index, MACD, Bollinger Bands, Average True Range, Momentum, Stochastic Oscillator, Directional Movement System, Moving Averages, etc.

6. Full Visual Studio design time support.
State of art editors. Improved wizard. Creating a chart based on template and modifying its data and other settings takes not more than a few minutes.

7. Editors available at runtime.
All design time editors are available at runtime including the Wizard.

8. Excel-like fill effect editors.
You can not only specify any filling you can specify in Excel but you can also visually create any custom gradient with the built-in advanced gradient editor.

9. Advanced control over the axis scaling and position.
Static and dynamic axis positioning strategies and settings. Lots of predefined text layout schemes. 4 scaling modes - DateTime, Numeric, Logarithmic and Dimension scale. Paging with lots of customizations.

10. Advanced axis labeling and decoration abilities.
Stripes, constant lines as planes or simple lines, custom axis labels, axis cursors, range selections.

11. Ability to display several different charting types simultaneously.
Advanced chart margins and fit strategy control.

12. Ability to display multiple series simultaneously.
Making a chart type combination chart has never been easier and more flexible.

13. Ability to display multiple charts and legends in the component canvas.
Charts can be described on one or more legends. Legends can describe multiple charts.

14. Image borders.
Fancy skin effects which add this such important final touch to your chart image.

15. Watermarks.
Ideal for company logos and trademarks - can be displayed on top or behind the chart image with user controlled transparency.

16. Labels.
Headers, footers and custom positioned labels.

17. Numeric display.
Displays numeric information in LED fashion with several predefined styles. Allows for full control over the appearance and formatting of the displayed value.

18. Interactivity.
Trackball, zoom, offset, mouse cursor change, mouse tooltips and more.

19. Drill down capabilities.
Extensive drill down support. Lots of events for both WinForms and WebForms.

20. Advanced 3D view control.
360 degrees rotation, viewer rotation, orthogonal and perspective projections, offset, zoom as well as a lot of predefined projection schemes.

21. Advanced control over the scene lighting.
Lots of predefined lighting schemes. Multiple light sources. Spot and Directional light.

22. Integrated Layout Manager
Support for docking, nesting and anchoring of panels. AutoSize and custom size, bounds mode and more makes the creation of complex, scaleable layouts easy and comprehensible.

23. Measurement Unit Support
All styles and lengths are specified as a pair of value and measurement unit. More than 20 different measurement units (pixel, inch, millimeter, display etc.).

24. Annotation support.
Annotation support that also allows nesting of panels and anchoring panels to key elements of the chart like data points or legend data items. Arrow, Rectangular Callout, Rounded Rectangular callout, Cut edge rectangular callout and Oval callout.

25. Advanced logic features and services.
Master slave axes, master slave range selections and master slave cursors

26. Modular design.
Build on top of the Nevron Presentation Framework and Nevron DOM (Document Object Model) Framework. Custom binary and XML structured serialization.

27. Vector image export for 2D charts.
The control supports vector export of 2D charts to PDF, Flash, Silverlight and EMF. Nevron chart can export images with interactive features in SVG format.

28. Data binding.
Support for data binging to DataSet, DataTable, DataAdapter, DataView and custom data sources that implement the IBingingList interface and (optionally) the ITypedList interface.

29. Automatic Data Label Layout.
Data point labels can be automatically rearranged in order to avoid overlaps and ensure maximum visibility for the chart elements.

Windows Forms specific features

1. Built in UI components
Grid and Toolbar components for WinForms. The grid is data aware and supports true date time editing as well as fill effect, line style and cursor type editing. The most frequently used commands are exposed by the Toolbar, which also supports custom buttons and runtime visual configuration.

2. Ability to leverage the video board hardware acceleration
This feature is very useful for real time applications because it frees your CPU from drawing the chart and transfers all the rendering to the CPU of the video board.

3. Print Manager
Advanced built-in printing and print - preview support.

ThinWeb (Web Forms and MVC) specific features

1. Client Side Tools

2. Custom Commands and Requests
Allows you to integrate the control with the rest of the page using AJAX.

3. CSS Customization
Allows you to customize the appearance of different chart elements such as scrollbars, toolbar, range selection etc.

4. Automatic Update
Allows you to create a chart that is automatically updated on a specified time interval.

5. Tiled Chart Rendering
Allows chart images to be rendered in tiles (used for smooth Zooming, Scrolling and Panning).

6. Toolbar
Integrated client side toolbar.

Web Forms specific features

1. ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX 1.0 support
Nevron web controls allow AJAX callback handling of the following mouse events: click, double click, move, down and up. Also, the web controls can be forcibly refreshed at client-side and auto-refresh feature is available. For more details on AJAX in Nevron web controls refer the AJAX topic.

2. Server side events (postback) and HTML image maps
The image maps generated by the component can display tooltips, redirect the client browser to a specified URL or change the mouse cursor.

3. Server side persistency
The component can preserve its state across roundtrips.

4. Ability to inject custom client side script
With the help of this feature you can seamlessly integrate the image maps generated from the component with any type of client side VBScript or JScript.

5. Ability to directly stream an image to the client browser
This is an indispensable feature when building scalable and secure server side applications.

6. Built-in temporary file clean up
The component automatically detects when a temporary file is expired and deletes it from the server. You can also assign disk space usage quota for the directory holding the temporary files in order to ensure that you cannot exceed the space used by your web server application.

7. Built-in browser detection
By leveraging the power of the .NET regular expressions you can instruct the component to generate different responses depending on the browser accessing the page.



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