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Deployment Guidelines

This topic contains information relevant to the developers that have to deploy applications using components from the Nevron .NET Vision suite.

When you use one of the components in the package it becomes an integral part of your application. Therefore when you need to ship that application to the end user you must also ship all components that are used in your application in order for it to function properly on the target machine.

In general there are two deployment scenarios:

Deploy Nevron assemblies as private assemblies

This is the recommended deployment scenario. In this scenario all assemblies on which the application depends are shipped to the bin folder of the application. In this case you must make sure that the application is compiled with the "Copy Local" property of the Nevron assemblies set to true. This is because initially all components of the .NET Vision reside in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache). To do this follow these steps:

  1. Open Visual Studio
  2. Open Your project
  3. Open Solution Explorer and located the "References" book
  4. For each assembly that starts with "Nevron" performs steps 5 and 6
  5. Right click on the assembly and select properties from the context menu
  6. Set the "Copy Local" setting to True

Now you can deploy the application by just copying the bin folder. The following table lists the required assemblies for each product in the package:

Assemblies \ Product Description Nevron Chart for WPF Nevron Chart for Win Forms Nevron Chart for Web Forms Nevron Chart ThinWeb (Web Forms an MVC) Nevron Diagram for Win Forms Nevron Diagram for Web Forms Nevron Diagram ThinWeb (Web Forms an MVC) Nevron UI
Nevron.System.dll Common functionality  X X X X X X X X
Nevron.Presentation.dll Common presentation functionality  X X X X X X X X
Nevron.UI.Winform.Docking.dll UI Docking framework               X
Nevron.ThinWeb.dll         X     X  
Nevron.UI.WebForm.Controls.dll Web Forms controls      X     X    
Nevron.GraphicsGL.dll OpenGL graphics engine  X X X X        
Nevron.Chart.dll Core charting functionality X X X X        
Nevron.Chart.WinForm.dll Chart control for Windows Forms    X            
Nevron.Chart.Wpf.dll Chart control for Wpf  X              
Nevron.Chart.WebForm.dll Chart control for Web Forms     X          
Nevron.Chart.ThinWeb.dll Chart control for Web Forms and MVC       X        
Nevron.Diagram.dll Core diagramming functionality         X X X  
Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.dll Shape factories         X X X  
Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.dll Diagramming controls for Windows Forms         X      
Nevron.Diagram.WebForm.dll Diagramming control for Web Forms           X    
Nevron.Diagram.ThinWeb.dll Diagram control for Web Forms and MVC             X  
Deploy Nevron assemblies as GAC assemblies

Alternatively you can deploy all Nevron assemblies to the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) of the client machine. This can be done in two ways:

  1. When you create a VS setup project there is a special folder named Global Assembly Cache. You can place all Nevron assemblies that your application depends upon and the installation will deploy them in the GAC of the client machine.
  2. The Nevron .NET Vision package contains a ready to use MSI Merge Module that performs this for you. The VS installer as well as other third party installers support MSI merge modules and this is a widely used strategy for creating modular installations. To integrate the merge module in your application follow these steps:
    • Open your Visual Studio Setup project
    • Open Solution Explorer
    • Right click on the Project and select Add\Merge Module from the context menu.
    • Locate the Nevron .NET Vision Deployment folder (for example "C:\Program Files\Nevron Software\Nevron .NET Vision 2012.1 for VS2008\Deployment").
    • Add the DotNetVisionMergeModuleVS[Version].msm (for example DotNetVisionMergeModuleVS2010.msm) merge module depending on the version of Visual Studio that you use for development.

If you use third party installers please consult their documentation in order to learn how to integrate merge modules in the installation.



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