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The following tables list the members exposed by NChartAjaxTechnology.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNChartAjaxTechnology ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the NChartAjaxTechnology class, associated with a given web control.  
Public Methods
Public MethodEnumerateScriptIncludesOverridden. Enumerates all script files that implement the Nevron client-side AJAX framework and the client-side JavaScript NChartCallbackService class.  
Public MethodEnumerateStateManagersOverridden. Enumerates all state agents, applicable to this client-server technology.  
Public MethodIsApplicableOverridden. Tests if the client web browser supports callbacks and XML HTTP requests.  
Public MethodOnCallbackEventHandlerGetCallbackResultOverridden. This method is invoked from the GetCallbackResult method of the Nevron.UI.WebForm.Controls.NWebControl class (GetCallbackResult is a part of the implementation of ICallbackEventHandler).  
Public MethodOnCallbackEventHandlerRaiseCallbackEventOverridden. Lets the web control to process an event, delegated from the client to the server through an AJAX callback. Calls the OnAsyncClick or OnAsyncDoubleClick or OnAsyncMouseMove or OnAsyncMouseDown or OnAsyncMouseUp or OnAsyncRefresh method of the associated web control.  
Public MethodOnWebControlLoadOverridden. Checks if there is a chart web control state serialized in the session and if a chart web control state is found, loads it to the associated Nevron Chart web control.  
Public MethodOnWebControlRenderOverridden. Creates the HTML, required to display the chart image on the client and to activate the client-side AJAX JavaScript callback service.  
Public MethodProvideDefaultStateManagerOverridden. Provides an instance of the default state manager.  
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