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The following tables list the members exposed by NCsvReader.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNCsvReader ConstructorDefault constructor  
Public Properties
Public PropertyBufferSizeGets/Sets the buffer size of the reader buffer.

Default value is 512.

Public PropertyCellSeparatorGets/Sets the value of cell delimeter.

Default value is ",".

Public PropertyColumnsGets the list of NCsvColumns.  
Public PropertyEscapeCharacterGets/Sets the value of the escape character.

Default value is "\"

Public PropertyFormatProviderGet/Set

Default value is CultureInfo.InvariantCulture

Public PropertyHasHeaderGets/Sets a value whether the csv file has a header row. If is set to true the first row of the file will be omited.

The default value is false.

Public PropertyLineSeparatorsGets/Sets the value of new row delimeter.

Default value is ";"

Public PropertyQuotedCellIfContainsDelimiterGets/Sets a value whether in csv file if cell contain cell delimiter the content of the cell is quoted.

Default value is true.

Public PropertyTrimCellGets/Sets a value whether the leading and trailing spaces in cell should be ignored.

The default value is true.

Public Methods
Public MethodLoadDataTableFromFileLoads the data from csv file to DataTable.  
Public MethodLoadDataTableFromStreamReads the data from System.IO.Stream with csv content to a System.Data.DataTable.  
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