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INChartControl Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by INChartControl.

Public Properties
 PropertyBackgroundStyleGets/sets the background style  
 PropertyChartsObtains a reference to the charts collection  
 PropertyDataBindingManagerObtains a reference to the chart data binding manager  
 PropertyDocumentObtains the current chart document  
 PropertyGaugesObtains a reference to the gauges collection  
 PropertyImageExporterObtains a reference to the chart image exporter  
 PropertyInteractivityStyleGets/sets the chart default interactivity style  
 PropertyLabelsObtains a reference to the labels collection  
 PropertyLegendsObtains a reference to the legends collection  
 PropertyNumericDisplaysObtains a reference to the numeric displays collection  
 PropertyPanelsGets/sets the panels collection  
 PropertySerializerObtains the control serializer (Inherited from Nevron.Serialization.INControl)
 PropertyServiceManagerObtains a reference to the chart service container  
 PropertySettingsGets/sets the chart settings  
 PropertyStateIndicatorsObtains a reference to the state indicators collection  
 PropertyWatermarksObtains a reference to the watermarks collection  
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