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The following tables list the members exposed by NAnnotation.

Public Properties
Public PropertyCacheWhen set to true the control will cache the content of this panel when using smart painting.  
Public PropertyFillStyleGets/sets the annotation fill style  
Public PropertyInteractivityStyleGets or sets the interactivity style of the panel.  
Public PropertyMaxTextWidthGets or sets the maximum width of the text in the annotation when the text fit mode is set to wrap  
Public PropertyOrientationControls the angle between the annotation anchor point and the annotation shape center  
Public PropertyShadowStyleGet/sets the annotation shadow style  
Public PropertyStrokeStyleGet/sets the annotation stroke style  
Public PropertyTextGets/sets the annotation text  
Public PropertyTextFitModeGets or sets the the text fit mode of the annotation.  
Public PropertyTextStyleGets/sets the annotation text style  
Public PropertyUseAutomaticSizeWhen set to true the panel will use size best for the dispalyed contents.  
Public Methods
Public MethodCreateFieldNonSerializedObjectsOverridden.   
Public MethodGetAttributeNameOverridden. Gets the name of the specified child attribute  
Public MethodGetCachedPanelKeyGets the composite key for the cashed panel content  
Public MethodHitTestOverridden.   
Public MethodMeasureOverridden. Measures the object in the specified device and returns its size in pixels  
Public MethodUpdateFieldReferencesOverridden.   
Public MethodWriteToImageMapWrites the chart to a HTML image map  
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