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The following tables list the members exposed by NAxis.

Public Properties
Public PropertyAnchorGets or sets the axis anchor controlling how the axis is attached to the chart area.  
Public PropertyAxisIdRetrieves the axis identificator - an unique number associated with each axis.  
Public PropertyClipModeGets or sets the axis clipping mode  
Public PropertyHitTestAxisWallDecorationsWhether axis wall decorations are hit testable or considered part of the wall.  
Public PropertyIsUsed  
Public PropertyNameOverridden. The name of the axis.  
Public PropertyPagingViewGets or sets the axis paging view.  
Public PropertySlaves  
Public PropertyUseRangeInflateWhenZoomedWhether to apply range inflate when the axis is zoomed  
Public PropertyUseSeriesInflateWhenZoomedWhether to apply range inflate when the axis is zoomed  
Public PropertyViewGets or sets the axis view object controlling the visible range of values displayed by this axis  
Public Methods
Public MethodAlignSlaves  
Public MethodAlignToMasterAligns this axis to the master axis.  
Public MethodCalculateAxisOverridden.   
Public MethodCloneOverridden. Creates an identical copy of this axis object  
Public MethodCreateFieldNonSerializedObjectsOverridden.   
Public MethodGetAxisViewBounds  
Public MethodIsCustomAxisReturns true if this is a custom axis.  
Public MethodReplaceForeignUniqueIdsOverridden. Replaces any foreign unique ids (references to other nodes)  
Public MethodSetPredefinedTextLayoutSets a predefined layout for the axis texts. A predefined text layout is a specific combination of text offset, alignment, orientation and stagger.  
Public MethodUpdateFieldReferencesOverridden.   
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