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NBubbleSeries Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NBubbleSeries.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNBubbleSeries ConstructorDefault constructor  
Public Properties
Public PropertyBubbleShapeControls the bubble style.  
Public PropertyBubbleSizeScaleGets or sets the bubble scale  
Public PropertyCustomShapeGets or set a custom shape object that is used for display of data points.  
Public PropertyMaxSizeControls the maximal bubble size.  
Public PropertyMinSizeControls the minimal bubble size.  
Public PropertyPaletteGets or sets the palette assocaited with the bubbles  
Public PropertySizesGets or sets the data series containing the bubble sizes.  
Public Methods
Public MethodCreateFieldNonSerializedObjectsOverridden.   
Public MethodGetSeriesTypeOverridden. Gets the series type  
Public MethodOnSeriesChangedOverridden.   
Public MethodUpdateFieldReferencesOverridden.   
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