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The following tables list the members exposed by NCallout.

Public Properties
Public PropertyAllowDraggingGets or sets a property indicating whether the callout allows dragging via the mouse.  
Public PropertyAlwaysInsideParentSpecifies whether the callout can leave the bounds of its parent  
Public PropertyArrowBasePercentGets/sets size of the callout arrow base relative to the shape side it's currently attached to  
Public PropertyArrowLengthGets/sets size of the callout arrow  
Public PropertyArrowStrokeStyleGets or sets the stroke style applied callout arrow  
Public PropertyFitInParentChartPlotBoundsWhether to fit in parent chart plot bounds (takes effect only in case parent is a chart panel)  
Public PropertyFitInParentContentBoundsWhether to fit in the parent content bounds  
Public PropertyPivotObtains the pivot position of the callout  
Public PropertyPositionModeGets or set the position mode  
Public PropertyTextAlignmentGets or sets the callout text alignemnt relative to text pin  
Public Methods
Public MethodCreateFieldNonSerializedObjectsOverridden.   
Public MethodGetCachedPanelKeyOverridden. Gets the composite key for the cashed panel content  
Public MethodUpdateFieldReferencesOverridden.   
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