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The following tables list the members exposed by NCartesianChart.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNCartesianChart ConstructorDefault Contructor  
Public Properties
Public PropertyDisableAutomaticAxisPlaneSwitchingGets or sets whether to disable automatic axis plane switching  
Public PropertyDisableContentAreaPixelSnappingGets or sets whether the content area will be pixel snapped  
Public PropertyFit2DAxisContentModeControls how the 2D chart axis content should be fitted in the chart panel content area  
Public PropertyFit3DAxisContentGets or set a value indicating whether 3D chart axis content should be fitted in the chart panel content area.  
Public PropertyMaxDockZoneMarginsGets or sets the maximum dock zone sizes in 2D  
Public PropertyMinDockZoneMarginsGets or sets the minimum dock zone sizes in 2D  
Public PropertyPlotAreaOverridden. Gets the plot area of this chart  
Public PropertyUsePlotAspectGets or set a value how the aspect is calculated when operating in Fit mode.  
Public Methods
Public MethodGetAxisDockZoneSizeGets the size of the specified dock zone  
Public MethodPreOrderPaint2DOverridden.   
Public MethodPreOrderPaint3DOverridden.   
Public MethodRecalcLayoutOverridden.   
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