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SeriesType Enumeration

Defines the currently supported charting types. This custom type is passed as a parameter to the Add method of the NSeriesCollection object and determines the type of the newly created presentation group.
Public Enum SeriesType 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum SeriesType : System.Enum 
Arearepresents a NAreaSeries object
Barrepresents a NBarSeries object
BoxAndWhiskersrepresents a NBoxAndWhiskersSeries object
Bubblerepresents a NBubbleSeries object
Customrepresents a NCustomSeries object
ErrorBarrepresents a NErrorBarSeries object
FibonacciArcsrepresents a NFibonacciArcs object
FibonacciFansrepresents a NFibonacciFans object
FibonacciRetracementsrepresents a NFibonacciRetracements object
FloatBarrepresents a NFloatBarSeries object
Funnelrepresents a NFunnelSeries object
GraphicsPathrepresents a NGraphicsPathSeries object
GridSurfacerepresents a NGridSurfaceSeries object
HeatMaprepresents the NHeatMapSeries object
HighLowrepresents a NHighLowSeries object
Kagirepresents a NKagiSeries object
Linerepresents a NLineSeries object
MeshSurfacerepresents a NMeshSurfaceSeries object
Pierepresents a NPieSeries object
Pointrepresents a NPointSeries object
PointAndFigurerepresents a NPointAndFigureSeries object
PolarArearepresents a NPolarAreaSeries object
PolarLinerepresents a NPolarLineSeries object
PolarPointrepresents a NPolarPointSeries object
PolarRangerepresents a NPolarRangeSeries object
PolarVectorrepresents a NPolarRangeSeries object
QuadrantLinesrepresents a NQuadrantLines object
QuickPointrepresents a NQuickPointSeries object
RadarArearepresents a NRadarAreaSeries object
RadarLinerepresents a NRadarLineSeries object
Rangerepresents a NRangeSeries object
Renkorepresents a NRenkoSeries object
Shaperepresents a NShapeSeries object
SmoothArearepresents a NSmoothAreaSeries object
SmoothLinerepresents a NSmoothLineSeries object
SpeedResistanceLinesrepresents a NSpeedResistanceLines object
StepLinerepresents a NStepLineSeries object
Stockrepresents a NStockSeries object
TernaryBubbleRepresents a NTernaryBubbleSeries object
TernaryPointRepresents a NTernaryPointSeries object
ThreeLineBreakrepresents a NThreeLineBreakSeries object
TreeMaprepresents a NTreeMapSeries object
TrendLinerepresents a NTrendLine object
TriangulatedSurfacerepresents a NTriangulatedSurfaceSeries object
Vectorrepresents a NVectorSeries object
Vennrepresents a NVennSeries object
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Target Platforms: Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1 or later, Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2008 (Server Core not supported), Windows Server 2008 R2 (Server Core supported with SP1 or later), Windows Server 2003 SP2

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