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The following tables list the members exposed by NElectricalSymbolsShapesFactory.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNElectricalSymbolsShapesFactory ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Properties
Public PropertyDefaultSizeGets/sets the default shapes size (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public PropertyMeasurementUnitGets/sets the measurement unit of the factory (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public PropertyNameGets/sets the name of this shape factory (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public PropertyOriginalMeasurementUnitGets the measurement unit in which the shapes are originally defined (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public PropertyResolutionGets/sets the resolution used for convertion between device dependant and device independant measurement units (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public PropertyShapeInfoCasheGets the hashtable, which is used to cashe the generated shape infos (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public PropertyShapesCountOverridden. Overriden to return the count of the predefined electrical symbols shapes  
Public Methods
Public MethodCanCreateShapeCreates a new instance of the shape with the specified name (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public MethodConvertMeasurementUnitCalled when the measurement unit of the measurements stored in this factory have changed and all measurements must be converted to the new unit (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public MethodCreateLibraryCreates a new library document, which contians a master for each shape which the factory can produce (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public MethodCreateShapeOverloaded. Overridden. Creates a new instance of the shape at the specified index  
Public MethodGetShapeInfoObtains information about the shape at the specified index (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected Methods
Protected MethodCreateACSourceCreates the AC source shape  
Protected MethodCreateAerialCreates the aerial shape  
Protected MethodCreateANDCreates the logic AND shape  
Protected MethodCreateBatteryCreates the battery shape  
Protected MethodCreateBellCreates the bell shape  
Protected MethodCreateBjtNpnCreates the BJT-NPN transistor shape  
Protected MethodCreateBjtPnpCreates the BJT-PNP transistor shape  
Protected MethodCreateBridgeRectifierCreates the bridge rectifier shape  
Protected MethodCreateBuzzerCreates the buzzer shape  
Protected MethodCreateCapacitorCreates the capacitor shape  
Protected MethodCreateCapacitor2Creates the capacitor2 shape  
Protected MethodCreateCapacitor3Creates the capacitor3 shape  
Protected MethodCreateCBreakerCreates the circuit breaker shape  
Protected MethodCreateCenterAndSidesPortsOverloaded. Creates center and sides ports for the specified shape. The center port is anchored to the middle center of the sub model width the specified anchor UId (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected MethodCreateCenterAndVerticesPortsOverloaded. Creates center and and vertices ports (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected MethodCreateCenterPortOverloaded. Creates a dynamic center port for the specified shape, anchored to the sub model with the specified UId (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected MethodCreateChassisGroundCreates the chassis ground shape  
Protected MethodCreateConstantDiodeCreates the constant current diode shape  
Protected MethodCreateCrystalCreates the crystal shape  
Protected MethodCreateDarlingtonCreates the Darlington pair shape  
Protected MethodCreateDCSourceCreates the DC source shape  
Protected MethodCreateDiacCreates the diac shape  
Protected MethodCreateDiodeCreates the diode shape  
Protected MethodCreateDiode2Creates the diode2 shape  
Protected MethodCreateEquipotentialityCreates the equipotentiality shape  
Protected MethodCreateEquipotentiality2Creates the equipotentiality2 shape  
Protected MethodCreateFrameCreates the frame antenna shape  
Protected MethodCreateFuseCreates the fuse shape  
Protected MethodCreateFuse2Creates the fuse2 shape  
Protected MethodCreateFuse3Creates the fuse3 shape  
Protected MethodCreateGalvanometerCreates the galvanometer shape  
Protected MethodCreateGeneratorCreates the generator shape  
Protected MethodCreateGlowTubeCreates the glowtube shape  
Protected MethodCreateGroundCreates the ground shape  
Protected MethodCreateGunnCreates the Gunn diode shape  
Protected MethodCreateHeaterCreates the heater shape  
Protected MethodCreateInductorCreates the inductor shape  
Protected MethodCreateJfetNCreates the N-channel JFET shape  
Protected MethodCreateJfetPCreates the P-channel JFET shape  
Protected MethodCreateKlipSelCreates the Klip-Sel transient suppressor shape  
Protected MethodCreateLampCreates the lamp shape  
Protected MethodCreateLatchCreates the latch shape  
Protected MethodCreateLDRCreates the light-dependent resistor shape  
Protected MethodCreateLedCreates the LED shape  
Protected MethodCreateLoopCreates the loop antenna shape  
Protected MethodCreateMosfetDepNCreates the N-channel depletion mode MOSFET shape  
Protected MethodCreateMosfetDepPCreates the P-channel, depletion mode MOSFET shape  
Protected MethodCreateMosfetEnhNCreates the N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET shape  
Protected MethodCreateMosfetEnhPCreates the P-channel enhancement mode MOSFET shape  
Protected MethodCreateMotorCreates the motor shape  
Protected MethodCreateNANDCreates the logic NAND shape  
Protected MethodCreateNORCreates the logic NOR shape  
Protected MethodCreateNOTCreates the logic NOT shape  
Protected MethodCreateOpAmpCreates the Op Amp shape  
Protected MethodCreateORCreates the logic OR shape  
Protected MethodCreateOscillatorCreate the oscillator shape  
Protected MethodCreateOscilloscopeCreates the oscilloscope shape  
Protected MethodCreatePentodeCreates the pentode shape  
Protected MethodCreatePhotoCellCreates the photocell shape  
Protected MethodCreatePhotoDiodeCreates the photo diode shape  
Protected MethodCreatePhotoTubeCreates the phototube shape  
Protected MethodCreatePotentiometerCreates the potentiometer shape  
Protected MethodCreatePotentiometerUSCreates the US potentiometer shape  
Protected MethodCreatePresetResistorCreates the preset resistor shape  
Protected MethodCreateResistorCreates the resistor shape  
Protected MethodCreateResistorUSCreates the US resistor shape  
Protected MethodCreateResonator2pCreates the 2-pin resonator shape  
Protected MethodCreateResonator3pCreates the 3 pin resonator  
Protected MethodCreateRheostatCreates the rheostat shape  
Protected MethodCreateSchottkyDiodeCreates the Schottky diode shape  
Protected MethodCreateScrCreates the silicon-controlled rectifier  
Protected MethodCreateShapeInfoOverridden. Creates the shape info for the shape at the specified index  
Protected MethodCreateShockleyDiodeCreate the Shockley diode shape  
Protected MethodCreateSidesPortsCreates sides ports for the specifies shape (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected MethodCreateSpdtCreates the SPDT shape  
Protected MethodCreateSpeakerCreates the speaker shape  
Protected MethodCreateSpstCreates the SPST shape  
Protected MethodCreateStrainGageCreates the strain gauge shape  
Protected MethodCreateSziklaiCreates the Sziklai pair shape  
Protected MethodCreateTetrodeCreates the tetrode shape  
Protected MethodCreateThermistorCreates the thermistor shape  
Protected MethodCreateThermoCoupleCreates the thermocouple shape  
Protected MethodCreateThermopileCreates the thermopile shape  
Protected MethodCreateTouchplateCreates the touchplate shape  
Protected MethodCreateTransducerCreates the transducer shape  
Protected MethodCreateTransformerCreates the transformer shape  
Protected MethodCreateTriacCreates the triac shape  
Protected MethodCreateTrimmerCapacitorCreates the trimmer capacitor shape  
Protected MethodCreateTriodeCreates the triode shape  
Protected MethodCreateTunnelDiodeCreates the tunnel diode shape  
Protected MethodCreateVacuumDiodeCreates the vacuum diode shape  
Protected MethodCreateVariableCapacitorCreates the variable capacitor shape  
Protected MethodCreateVaricapCreates the varicap shape  
Protected MethodCreateVerticesPortsCreates ports for the specifies shape vertices (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected MethodCreateXNORCreates the logic XNOR shape  
Protected MethodCreateXORCreates the logic XOR shape  
Protected MethodCreateZenerDiodeCreates the Zener diode shape  
Protected MethodGetEnumTypeOverridden. Overriden to return the ElectricalSymbolsShapes type  
Protected MethodGetModelBoundsGets the modeling bounds for a shape (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected MethodOnShapeCreatedCalled when the shape at the specified index has been created (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
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