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The following tables list the members exposed by NFlowChartingShapesFactory.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNFlowChartingShapesFactory ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Properties
Public PropertyDefaultSizeGets/sets the default shapes size (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public PropertyMeasurementUnitGets/sets the measurement unit of the factory (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public PropertyNameGets/sets the name of this shape factory (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public PropertyOriginalMeasurementUnitGets the measurement unit in which the shapes are originally defined (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public PropertyResolutionGets/sets the resolution used for convertion between device dependant and device independant measurement units (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public PropertyShapeInfoCasheGets the hashtable, which is used to cashe the generated shape infos (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public PropertyShapesCountOverridden. Overriden to return the count of the predefined flowcharing shapes  
Public Methods
Public MethodCanCreateShapeCreates a new instance of the shape with the specified name (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public MethodConvertMeasurementUnitCalled when the measurement unit of the measurements stored in this factory have changed and all measurements must be converted to the new unit (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public MethodCreateLibraryCreates a new library document, which contians a master for each shape which the factory can produce (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Public MethodCreateShapeOverloaded. Overridden. Creates a new instance of the shape at the specified index, using its default bounds (if it a 2D shape) or its default start and end points (if it is a 1D shape)  
Public MethodGetShapeInfoObtains information about the shape at the specified index (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected Methods
Protected MethodCreateCardCreates the card shape  
Protected MethodCreateCenterAndSidesPortsOverloaded. Creates center and sides ports for the specified shape. The center port is anchored to the middle center of the sub model width the specified anchor UId (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected MethodCreateCenterAndVerticesPortsOverloaded. Creates center and and vertices ports (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected MethodCreateCenterPortOverloaded. Creates a dynamic center port for the specified shape, anchored to the sub model with the specified UId (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected MethodCreateCollateCreates the collate shape  
Protected MethodCreateDataCreates the data shape  
Protected MethodCreateDatabaseCreates the database shapes  
Protected MethodCreateDecisionCreates the decision shape  
Protected MethodCreateDelayCreates the delay shape  
Protected MethodCreateDirectDataCreates the direct data shape  
Protected MethodCreateDisplayCreates the display shape  
Protected MethodCreateDocumentCreates the document shape  
Protected MethodCreateExtractCreates the extract shape  
Protected MethodCreateInternalStorageCreates the internal storage shape  
Protected MethodCreateLoopLimitCreates the loop limit shape  
Protected MethodCreateManualInputCreates the manual input shape  
Protected MethodCreateManualOperationCreates the manual operation shape  
Protected MethodCreateMergeCreates the merge shape  
Protected MethodCreateMultiDocumentCreates the multi document shape  
Protected MethodCreateOffPageReferenceCreates the off page reference shape  
Protected MethodCreateOnPageReferenceCreates the on page reference shape  
Protected MethodCreateOrCreates the or shape  
Protected MethodCreatePaperTapeCreates the paper tape shape  
Protected MethodCreatePredefinedDocumentCreates the predefined document shape  
Protected MethodCreatePredefinedProcessCreates the predefined process shape  
Protected MethodCreatePreparationCreates the preparation shape  
Protected MethodCreateProcessCreates the process shape  
Protected MethodCreateProcessIso9000Creates the process Iso9000 shape  
Protected MethodCreateSequencialDataCreates the sequencial data shape  
Protected MethodCreateShapeInfoOverridden. Overriden to create the shape info for the flow charting shape at the specified index  
Protected MethodCreateSidesPortsCreates sides ports for the specifies shape (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected MethodCreateSortCreates the sort shape  
Protected MethodCreateStoredDataCreates the stored data shape  
Protected MethodCreateSummingJunctionCreates the summing junction shape  
Protected MethodCreateTerminationCreates the termination shape  
Protected MethodCreateTransportCreates the transport Iso9000 shape  
Protected MethodCreateVerticesPortsCreates ports for the specifies shape vertices (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected MethodGetEnumTypeOverridden. Overriden to return the FlowChartingShapes type  
Protected MethodGetModelBoundsGets the modeling bounds for a shape (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
Protected MethodOnShapeCreatedCalled when the shape at the specified index has been created (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.NShapesFactory)
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