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The following tables list the members exposed by NLibrarySelectorTool.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNLibrarySelectorTool ConstructorOverloaded.   
Protected Fields
Protected Fieldm_bIsActiveIndicates whether this tool is active. (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NTool)
Public Properties
Public PropertyAbortKeyGets/sets the tool abort key (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
Public PropertyCollectionObtains a reference to the tools collection (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NTool)
Public PropertyControllerObtains a reference to the controller (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NTool)
Public PropertyDocumentObtains a reference to the drawing document to which this tool is connected (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NLibraryDragTool)
Public PropertyEnabledGets/sets whether the tool is enabled (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NTool)
Public PropertyEndMouseEventGets/sets the tool end (deactivation) event (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
Public PropertyHighlightRegionTargetsSpecifies whether the selector tool must highlight the selection targets, when it performs regional selection  
Public PropertyIsActiveDetermines whether the tool is currently in active state (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NTool)
Public PropertyModeControls the mode in which the selector tool operates  
Public PropertyNameGets/sets the name of the tool, which is unique in the tools collection of the controller (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NTool)
Public PropertyNeedsSecondMouseButtonPassOverridden. Overriden to return true  
Public PropertyStartMouseEventGets/sets the tool start (activation) event (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
Public PropertyViewObtains a reference to the drawing view to which this tool is connected (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NLibraryDragTool)
Protected Properties
Protected PropertyOperatesInWindowAreaDetermines whether the tool operates in the view window area (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
Protected PropertyStartMouseInfoObtains the mouse info when the tool was activated (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
Public Methods
Public MethodAbortOverridden. Aborts the tool if it is active  
Public MethodActivateOverridden. Activates the tool  
Public MethodCanActivateOverridden. Determines whether the tool can activate  
Public MethodCanDeactivateDetermines whether the tool can deactivate (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
Public MethodCreateFieldNonSerializedObjectsOverridden.   
Public MethodCreateNonSerializedObjectsCreates any non serialized objects, which the holder posseses (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
Public MethodDeactivateOverridden. Deactivates the tool  
Public MethodGetReferenceProviderObtains the reference provider to which the object is currently attached (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NTool)
Public MethodIsInputCharProcesses the is input char query (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NMouseAndKeyboardTool)
Public MethodIsInputKeyProcesses the is input key query (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
Public MethodProcessClickPrecesses the mouse click event (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NMouseAndKeyboardTool)
Public MethodProcessDoubleClickPrecesses the mouse double click event (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NMouseAndKeyboardTool)
Public MethodProcessKeyDownProcesses the key down event (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
Public MethodProcessKeyPressProcesses the key press event (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NMouseAndKeyboardTool)
Public MethodProcessKeyUpProcesses the key up event (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NMouseAndKeyboardTool)
Public MethodProcessMouseDownOverridden. Processes the mouse down event  
Public MethodProcessMouseEnterProcesses the mouse enter event (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NMouseAndKeyboardTool)
Public MethodProcessMouseHoverPrecesses the mouse hover event (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NMouseAndKeyboardTool)
Public MethodProcessMouseLeaveProcesses the mouse leave event (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NMouseAndKeyboardTool)
Public MethodProcessMouseMoveOverridden. Processes the mouse move event  
Public MethodProcessMouseUpOverridden. Processes the mouse down event  
Public MethodProcessMouseWheelProcesses the mouse wheel event (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NMouseAndKeyboardTool)
Public MethodUpdateFieldReferencesOverridden.   
Public MethodUpdateReferencesOverriden to cashe references to NLibraryView and NLibraryDocument instances (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NLibraryDragTool)
Protected Methods
Protected MethodCanClickSelectDetermines whether click select can be performed  
Protected MethodClickSelectPerforms a click select  
Protected MethodCreateSelectorRegionCreates the selector region  
Protected MethodDestroySelectorRegionDestroys the selector region  
Protected MethodGetSelectableNodesFromPointReturns a list from the selectable nodes under the current hit point  
Protected MethodGetSelectableNodesFromRectReturns a list from the selectable nodes hit by the specified rect  
Protected MethodRegionSelectPerforms a region select  
Protected MethodRequestReadyToActivateCursorCalled when the tool is inactive but is ready to be activated and requests a cursor for visual feedback (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
Protected MethodUpdateSelectorRegionUpdates teh selector region  
Protected MethodVerifyNewAbortKeyVerifies the specified new about key and throws an exception if it is not valid (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
Protected MethodVerifyNewEndMouseEventVerifies the specified new end mouse event and throws an exception if it is not valid (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
Protected MethodVerifyNewStartMouseEventVerifies the specified new start mouse event and throws an exception if it is not valid (Inherited from Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.NDragTool)
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