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The following tables list the members exposed by NViewComponent.

Public Properties
Public PropertyAutoSynchronizeMeasurementUnitSpecifies whether the measurement unit of the view component must be automatically sychronized with the document measurement unit  
Public PropertyEventSinkServiceObtains the view event sink service, to which the node is currently connected  
Public PropertyMeasurementUnitGets/sets the measurement unit of the node  
Public PropertyMeasurementUnitScaleGets/sets a custom scale factor to be applied to the ruler measurement unit.  
Public PropertyParentNodeObtains the node parent in the scene tree hierachy  
Public PropertyRootNodeObtains the root node in the scene tree hierachy  
Public PropertySmartPaintServiceObtains the view smart paint service, to which the node is currently connected  
Public PropertyViewObtains a reference to the view  
Public Methods
Public MethodCloneCreates an identical copy of this instance  
Public MethodComputeAutoStepComputes an automatic step for the specified step mode  
Public MethodConvertComponentToViewOverloaded. Converts component units to view units  
Public MethodConvertMeasurementUnitCalled when the measurement unit of the measurements stored in this node have changed and all measurements must be converted to the new unit  
Public MethodConvertViewToComponentOverloaded. Converts a view units to component units  
Public MethodCreateFieldNonSerializedObjects  
Public MethodCreateNonSerializedObjects  
Public MethodGetReferenceProvider  
Public MethodProvideReferenceCalled to provide a reference to the object of the specified type  
Public MethodSynchronizeMeasurmentUnitCalled when the document measurement unit has changed in order to synchronize the local measurement unit of the view component  
Public MethodUpdateFieldReferences  
Public MethodUpdateReferencesBinds the object to its parent object  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodMeasureStyleLengthXInPixelsMeasures the specified X style length in pixels  
Protected MethodMeasureStyleLengthYInPixelsMeasures the specified Y style length in pixels  
Protected MethodOnPropertyChangedGeneral property changed handler, which fires the NodePropertyChanged event  
Protected MethodOnPropertyChangingGeneral property changing handler, which fires the NodePropertyChanging event  
Protected MethodPauseEventSinkServiceSafely pauses the event sink service  
Protected MethodResumeEventSinkServiceSafely resumes the event sink service  
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