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Nevron.Diagram.DataStructures Namespace
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ClassNAccumulatingVisitor The NAccumulatingVisitor class is used to accumulate the visited graph parts
ClassNBicomp Decomposes a graph into its biconnected components and builds it block-cut tree, in which each node is a cut vertex or a biconnected component.
ClassNCountingVisitor The NCountingVisitor is used to count the visited graph parts
ClassNGraph The NGraph class represents a graph
ClassNGraphAdapter The NGraphAdapter class is used to abstract users from the actual way in which the specified objects form graphs.
ClassNGraphBarycenterCrossingReductor Implememnts the barycenter method for the layer-by-layer crossing reduction problem.
ClassNGraphBuilder The NGraphBuilder class is used for the construction of a graph, which represents a single or multiple connected object regions.
ClassNGraphCrossingReductorBase The base class for all crossing reductors for bipartite graphs.
ClassNGraphEdge The NGraphEdge class represents an edge connecting two vertices
ClassNGraphEdgeList The NGraphEdgeList class represents a typed list of NGraphEdge instances
ClassNGraphFullCrossingReductor Investigates all possible permutations and provides an optimal solution for the one sided crossing reduction problem.
ClassNGraphGeneticCrossingReductor Solves the crossing reduction problem by using genetic algorithm.
ClassNGraphPart The NGraphPart class servers as base class for graph edges, graph vertices, tree edges and tree vertices
ClassNGraphPartContainer The NGraphPartContainer class serves as base class for graphs and trees
ClassNGraphPartFactory The NGraphPartFactory class is used by the graph builder for the actual construction of graph parts
ClassNGraphPartVisitor The NGraphPartVisitor class is used to visit the parts of graphs and trees and serves as base class for all types of graph part visitors
ClassNGraphVertex The NGraphVertex class represents a vertex in a graph
ClassNGraphVertexDegreeComparer The NGraphVertexDegreeComparer class implements the IComparer interface and compares graph vertices by their degree
ClassNGraphVertexList The NGraphVertexList class represents a typed list of NGraphVertex instances
ClassNObjectGraphPartMap The NObjectGraphPartMap class, represents a mapping between a logical object and a graph part. An instance of this class is produced by graph and tree builders.
ClassNShapeGraphAdapter The NShapeGraphAdapter is used to adapt shapes and shapes connections as graph relations
ClassNShortestPathDijkstra Implements a generalized Dijkstra's algorithm to calculate the shortest path problem.
ClassNTree The NTree class represents a tree
ClassNTreeEdge The NTreeEdge class represents an edge connecting two tree vertices
ClassNTreeEdgeList The NTreeEdgeList class represents a typed list of NTreeEdge instances
ClassNTreeVertex The NTreeVertex class represents a vertex in a tree (tree item)
ClassNTreeVertexList The NTreeVertexList class represents a typed list of NTreeVertex instances
DelegateNShortestPathDijkstra.InternodeTraversalCost Determines the cost of moving from a given node to another given node.

The cost of the transition from start to finish, or System.Int32.MaxValue if the transition is impossible (i.e. there is no edge between the two nodes).

DelegateNShortestPathDijkstra.NearbyNodesHint An optional delegate that can help optimize the algorithm by showing it a subset of nodes to consider. Very useful for limited connectivity graphs. (like pixels on a screen!)
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