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Nevron.Diagram.Extensions Namespace
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ClassNCanvas The NCanvas class represents a virtual drawing surface, which can be used to render a drawing document
ClassNClassImporter The class importer class imports the structure of a class and all of its sub classes in a diagram document.
ClassNDatabaseImporter The database importer class imports the structure of a relational database in a diagram document.
ClassNDbfReader Reads an entire standard DBF file into a DataTable.
ClassNDrawingExporter The NDrawingExporter class serves as base class for all extension classes, which help you export a drawing document to raster or vector graphics formats.
ClassNFlashExporter The NFlashExporter class is used to export drawing documents to SWF (Adobe Flash) vector format.
ClassNImageExporter The NImageExporter class is used to export an entire drawing document, or only portions of it to image.
ClassNPersistencyManager The NPersistencyManager class facilitates the persistency management of different document types.
ClassNPersistentDocument Represents a persistent document, divided in named sections
ClassNPersistentSection Represents a persistent section inside a persistent document
ClassNPersistentSectionCollection Represents a strongly typed collection of NPersistenSection instances
ClassNPrintDocument The NPrintDocument class is a subclass of a PrintDocument, which supports paging and is attached to a print manager
ClassNPrintManager The NPrintManager class can be used to provide drawing documents with printing abilities
ClassNSvgExporter The NSvgExporter class is used to export a drawing document to SVG.
ClassNXamlExporter The NXamlExporter class is used to export a drawing document to Microsoft Silverlight XAML code.
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