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INStyleComposer Interface Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by INStyleComposer.

Public Properties
 PropertyParentNodeObtains the parent node in the hiearchy (Inherited from Nevron.Dom.INNode)
 PropertyRootNodeObtains the root node of the hiearchy (Inherited from Nevron.Dom.INNode)
Public Methods
 MethodComposeAnimationsStyleComposes the animations style  
 MethodComposeBridgeStyleComposes the bridge style  
 MethodComposeEndArrowheadStyleComposes the end arrowhead style  
 MethodComposeFillStyleComposes the fill style  
 MethodComposeInteractivityStyleComposes the interactivity style  
 MethodComposeShadowStyleComposes the shadow style  
 MethodComposeStartArrowheadStyleComposes the start arrowhead style  
 MethodComposeStrokeStyleComposes the stroke style  
 MethodComposeStyleComposes a new style, which contains cloning of the composes styles  
 MethodComposeTextStyleComposes the text style  
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