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NBody1D Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NBody1D.

Public Fields
Public FieldEndPlugOffsetOffset of the end plug location from anchor  
Public FieldFromPlugAnchorPreffered From plug anchor  
Public FieldMidPointsOptional mid points in case routing style is set to Orthogonal or Polyline  
Public FieldRoutingStylePreffered routing style  
Public FieldStartPlugOffsetOffset of the start plug location from the anchor  
Public FieldToPlugAnchorPreffered To plug anchor  
Public Properties
Public PropertyEndPointGets the end point (position of the ToPlug)  
Public PropertyEndPointAnchorGets the end point anchoring point at the respective EndPlugAnchor side of the ToBody.  
Public PropertyFromBodyGets the 2D body from which the 1D body starts  
Public PropertyStartPointGets the start point (position of the FromPlug)  
Public PropertyStartPointAnchorGets the start point anchoring point at the respective FromPlugAnchor side of the FromBody.  
Public PropertyToBodyGets the 2D body at which the 1D body ends  
Public Methods
Public MethodCompareToReturns -1 if this edge must be on an upper bus than the given one or 1 if it must be on a lower bus. Value of 0 means that the edges do not intersect.  
Public MethodFlipXOverridden. Flips the X coordinates of body  
Public MethodFlipYOverridden. Flips the Y coordinates of body  
Public MethodGetBoundsOverridden. Gets the bounds of the body  
Public MethodGetLinesReturns the line segments building the current 1D body.  
Public MethodRotateOverridden. Rotates the body  
Public MethodToStringRetusrns a string that represents the current body  
Public MethodTranslateOverridden. Translates the body  
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