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NBody2D Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NBody2D.

Public Fields
Public FieldHeightThe height of the body  
Public FieldLocationThe location of the body left-top corner  
Public FieldWidthThe width of the body  
Public Properties
Public PropertyBottomGets/sets the bottom side of the body  
Public PropertyCenterGets/sets the center of the body  
Public PropertyCenterXGets/sets the X center of the body  
Public PropertyCenterYGets/sets the Y center of the body  
Public PropertyLeftGets/sets the left side of the body  
Public PropertyRightGets/sets the right side of the body  
Public PropertyTopGets/sets the top side of the body  
Public Methods
Public MethodFlipXOverridden. Flips the X coordinates of body  
Public MethodFlipYOverridden. Flips the Y coordinates of body  
Public MethodGetBoundsOverridden. Gets the bounds of the body  
Public MethodRotateOverridden. Rotates the body  
Public MethodSetBoundsSets a new bounds for this body  
Public MethodToStringReturns a string that represents the current body  
Public MethodTranslateOverridden. Translates the body  
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