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N2DDeviceSWF Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by N2DDeviceSWF.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorN2DDeviceSWF ConstructorInitializing constructor.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyAnimationBoundsOverridden. Gets or sets the animation bounds. Regarded only when AnimationBoundsMode is set to context  
Public PropertyAnimationsStyleOverridden. Gets/Sets the animations style on a device that supports animations.  
Public PropertyAutoSpritesOverridden. Determines whether this will automatically enable animations  
Public PropertyImageFiltersStyleOverridden.   
Public PropertyRenderTechnologyOverridden.   
Public PropertyRequiresInteractivityOverridden.   
Public PropertySupportsAnimationOverridden. Determines whether this device supports animation.  
Public Methods
Public MethodActivateAtomOverridden. Activates an atom.  
Public MethodActivateAtomicElementOverridden. Activates an atomic element.  
Public MethodActivateElementOverridden. Activates an element.  
Public MethodActivateInteractivityStyleOverridden.   
Public MethodBeginSpriteOverridden. Begins a new sprite.  
Public MethodBeginSpriteConditional  
Public MethodEndSpriteOverridden. Ends the current sprite and nullifies the current animation style.  
Public MethodEndSpriteConditional  
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