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The following tables list the members exposed by NBlurImageFilter.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNBlurImageFilter ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Properties
Public PropertyAlphaChannelOnlyWhether or not to blur the alpha channel or all color channels of the image (ARGB).  
Public PropertyBlurBottomWhen set to true the bottom corners of the image will be blured.  
Public PropertyBlurLeftWhen set to true the left corners of the image will be blured.  
Public PropertyBlurRightWhen set to true the right corners of the image will be blured.  
Public PropertyBlurTopWhen set to true the top corners of the image will be blured.  
Public PropertyBlurTypeThe type of blur convolution to use. (Inherited from Nevron.GraphicsCore.NConvolutionImageFilter)
Public PropertySizeThe size of the horizontal and vertical blur matrices.  
Public Methods
Public MethodCloneCreates an exact copy of this object (Inherited from Nevron.GraphicsCore.NImageFilter)
Public MethodCreateFieldNonSerializedObjects (Inherited from Nevron.GraphicsCore.NImageFilter)
Public MethodCreateNonSerializedObjectsCreates any non serialized objects, which the holder posseses (Inherited from Nevron.GraphicsCore.NImageFilter)
Public MethodGetReferenceProviderObtains the reference provider to which the object is currently attached (Inherited from Nevron.GraphicsCore.NImageFilter)
Public MethodSetParamsUpdates all parameters of the blur filter.  
Public MethodUpdateFieldReferences (Inherited from Nevron.GraphicsCore.NImageFilter)
Public MethodUpdateReferencesUpdates the references stored by the object (Inherited from Nevron.GraphicsCore.NImageFilter)
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