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The following tables list the members exposed by NRadianAngleUnit.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNRadianAngleUnit Constructor  
Public Properties
Public PropertyAngleUnitOverridden. Gets the angle unit  
Public PropertySurrogateSerializer (Inherited from Nevron.GraphicsCore.NAngleUnit)
Public Methods
Public MethodCloneCreates an identical copy of this objects (Inherited from Nevron.GraphicsCore.NAngleUnit)
Public MethodGetCycleOverridden. Gets the anglular cycle for this unit  
Public MethodGetObjectDataSerializes this measurement unit. (Inherited from Nevron.GraphicsCore.NAngleUnit)
Public MethodNormalizeOverridden. Normalizes an angle measured in radians  
Public MethodToDegreesOverridden. Returns the angle converted to degrees  
Public MethodToGradsOverridden. Returns the angle converted to grads  
Public MethodToRadiansOverridden. Returns the angle converted to radians  
Public MethodToStringReturns the string representation of this object  
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