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INPaintableElement Interface Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by INPaintableElement.

Public Properties
 PropertyPaintingGets a value indicating whether the instance is currently painting itself.  
 PropertyPaintRectGets the rectangle visible for paint operations.  
Public Methods
 MethodClearRenderCacheClears the entire render cache.  
 MethodClearRenderCacheEntryClears an entry in the object's render cache.  
 MethodGetBitmapGets a bitmap representation of the current instance.  
 MethodGetRenderCacheEntryGets a cached object which can be used in a render operation.  
 MethodInvalidateOverloaded. Invalidates the current instance.  
 MethodPaintPerforms paint logic using the specified context.  
 MethodRefreshInvalidates and immediately updates the current instance.  
 MethodUpdateRenderCacheUpdates the current render cache using the specified graphics object.  
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