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The following tables list the members exposed by INFrameControl.

Public Properties
 PropertyCaptionImageGets/sets the image to be displayed by the caption.  
 PropertyCloseButtonGets/sets a value whether the frame will display a close button allowing the user to "Close" the current instance.  
 PropertyCurrentCaptionImageGets the current image displayed by the caption.  
 PropertyCustomButtonsGets the collection of custom caption buttons.  
 PropertyFrameAppearanceGets/sets the local value for this instance.  
 PropertyHelpButtonGets/sets a value whether the frame will display a Help button allowing the user to trigger the context-sensitive help on the current instance.  
 PropertyIsActiveDetermines whether the frame is active.  
 PropertyMaximizeBoxGets/sets a value whether the frame will display a Maximize button allowing the user make the current instance occupy the entire working area.  
 PropertyMinimizeBoxGets/sets a value whether the frame will display a Minimize button allowing the user to send the current instance to the system task bar.  
 PropertyMovableGets/sets a value indicating whether the user may move the frame using the left mouse button.  
 PropertyPreferredNCStateGets/sets the preferred state for the non-client area. Note that specifying this will override the default processing of the NC activate message. 0 is always inactive, 1 is always active and -1 is discarded.  
 PropertyShowCaptionImageGets/sets a value whether to display the caption image.  
 PropertyShowCaptionTextGets/sets a value whether to display the caption text.  
 PropertySizableGets/sets a value indicating whether the user may resize the frame.  
 PropertySysMenuCommandsGets an array with all the commands to be displayed when a system menu is requested.  
 PropertySystemMenuGets/sets a value whether a system menu should be displayed when the user right-clicks the frame's caption.  
 PropertyToolWindowGets/sets a value indicating whether the frame acts as a tool window.  
 PropertyUseGlobalTemplateGets/sets a value indicating whether this instance will use the global template provided by the NUIManager.  
Public Methods
 MethodInvalidateFrameInvalidates the frame.  
 MethodOnCaptionButtonClickedGets notified for a caption button click.  
 MethodOnSysMenuCommandCalled whenever a system menu command is clicked.  
 MethodUpdateFrameUpdates the frame including repaint and region update.  
Public Events
 EventCaptionButtonClickedFired when the user has clicked a custom button.  
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