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The following tables list the members exposed by NControlBorder.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNControlBorder ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Properties
Public PropertyBaseColorGets/sets the base Color value to use when drawing 3D border.  
Public PropertyBorderWidth  
Public PropertyInteractiveBorderGets/sets a value indicating whether the border will change when the mouse hovers the control.  
Public PropertyMargins  
Public PropertyParentGets/sets the parent control for this object.  
Public PropertyPropertyPageGets the NPropertyPage object to visually edit this object.  
Public PropertyStyleGets/sets the border style to be applied on the control.  
Public Methods
Public MethodCopyCopies the fields from the specified NControlBorder object.  
Public MethodShowEditorShow a form to visually edit this NControlBorder object.  
Public MethodToString  
Public MethodUpdateUpdates the border appearance.  
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