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ClassNArray Array helpers
ClassNArrayList Base class for strongly typed arrays
ClassNCollection Base class for all collections, which provide reference integrity support
ClassNDateTimeList Represents a list of DateTime values
ClassNDateTimeSpanList Represents a list of date time span values
ClassNDelegateStorage The NDelegateStorage class can be used to efficiently store mutlicast delegates, which for speed and memory optimization are referenced by integer keys.
ClassNDLList Represents a doubly - linked list
ClassNDLListNode Represents a doubly linked list node
ClassNDLLListEnumerator Summary description for NDLLListEnumerator.
ClassNDoubleList Represents a list of double values
ClassNDoubleType Summary description for NDoubleType.
ClassNFilterValuePairList Summary description for NFilterValueList.
ClassNInt32List Represents a list of int (Int32) values
ClassNInt32Type Summary description for NInt32Type.
ClassNInt64List Represents a list of long (Int64) values
ClassNList Base class for all strongly typed lists
ClassNObjectType Summary description for NObjectType.
ClassNReferenceHolderArrayList Base class for all array lists, which provide reference integrity support
ClassNSequentialPropertyStorage The NSequencialPropertyContainer class represents an optimized container for property values, whose keys are sequential int numbers
ClassNSingleList Represents a list of float (single) values
ClassNSLList Represents a singly linked list
ClassNSLListNode Represents a singly linked list node
ClassNStringList Represents a list of string objects
ClassNTimeSpanList Represents a list of time span values
ClassNType Summary description for NType.
ClassNUInt32List Represents a list of UInt32 (UUInt32) values
InterfaceINIndexEnumerator Summary description for INIndexEnumerator.
StructureNSystemArray Summary description for NSystemArray.
EnumerationBPlusRangeType Summary description for Enumerations.
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