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DeflaterOutputStream Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by DeflaterOutputStream.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorDeflaterOutputStream ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Properties
Public PropertyCanReadOverridden. Gets value indicating stream can be read from  
Public PropertyCanSeekOverridden. Gets a value indicating if seeking is supported for this stream This property always returns false  
Public PropertyCanWriteOverridden. Get value indicating if this stream supports writing  
Public PropertyLengthOverridden. Get current length of stream  
Public PropertyPositionOverridden. Gets the current position within the stream.  
Public Methods
Public MethodBeginReadOverridden. Asynchronous reads are not supported a NotSupportedException is always thrown  
Public MethodBeginWriteOverridden. Asynchronous writes arent supported, a NotSupportedException is always thrown  
Public MethodCloseOverridden. Calls Finish and closes the underlying stream when IsStreamOwner is true.  
Public MethodFinishFinishes the stream by calling finish() on the deflater.  
Public MethodFlushOverridden. Flushes the stream by calling Flush on the deflater and then on the underlying stream. This ensures that all bytes are flushed.  
Public MethodReadOverridden. Read a block of bytes from stream  
Public MethodReadByteOverridden. Read a byte from stream advancing position by one  
Public MethodSeekOverridden. Sets the current position of this stream to the given value. Not supported by this class!  
Public MethodSetLengthOverridden. Sets the length of this stream to the given value. Not supported by this class!  
Public MethodWriteOverridden. Writes bytes from an array to the compressed stream.  
Public MethodWriteByteOverridden. Writes a single byte to the compressed output stream.  
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