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ClassBZip2 Does all the compress and decompress pre-operation stuff. Sets up the streams and file header characters. Uses multiply overloaded methods to call for the compress/decompress.
ClassDeflater This is the Deflater class. The deflater class compresses input with the deflate algorithm described in RFC 1951. It has several compression levels and three different strategies described below. This class is not thread safe. This is inherent in the API, due to the split of deflate and setInput. author of the original java version : Jochen Hoenicke
ClassDeflaterOutputStream A special stream deflating or compressing the bytes that are written to it. It uses a Deflater to perform actual deflating.
Authors of the original java version : Tom Tromey, Jochen Hoenicke
ClassInflater Inflater is used to decompress data that has been compressed according to the "deflate" standard described in rfc1951. By default Zlib (rfc1950) headers and footers are expected in the input. You can use constructor public Inflater(bool noHeader) passing true if there is no Zlib header information The usage is as following. First you have to set some input with SetInput(), then Inflate() it. If inflate doesn't inflate any bytes there may be three reasons:
  • IsNeedingInput() returns true because the input buffer is empty. You have to provide more input with SetInput(). NOTE: IsNeedingInput() also returns true when, the stream is finished.
  • IsNeedingDictionary() returns true, you have to provide a preset dictionary with SetDictionary().
  • IsFinished returns true, the inflater has finished.
Once the first output byte is produced, a dictionary will not be needed at a later stage. author of the original java version : John Leuner, Jochen Hoenicke
ClassInflaterInputBuffer An input buffer customised for use by InflaterInputStream
ClassInflaterInputStream This filter stream is used to decompress data compressed using the "deflate" format. The "deflate" format is described in RFC 1951. This stream may form the basis for other decompression filters, such as the GZipInputStream. Author of the original java version : John Leuner.
ClassNCompression Provides various compression and decompression routines.
InterfaceINZipCompressor Interface used in zip compression.
InterfaceINZipDecompressor Interface used in zip decompression.
EnumerationENCompressionLevel Enumerates the most commonly used gzip compression levels.
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