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NInsertElementOperation Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NInsertElementOperation.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNInsertElementOperation ConstructorInitializer constructor  
Public Properties
Public PropertyCompositeGets the composite element in which the element was inserted  
Public PropertyDescriptionGets/sets the operation description (Inherited from Nevron.Dom.NOperation)
Public PropertyElementGets the inserted element  
Public PropertyElementIndexGets the index at which the element was inserted  
Public Methods
Public MethodExecuteExecutes the operation by toggling its state (Inherited from Nevron.Dom.NOperation)
Public MethodRedoOverridden. Overriden to insert a copy of the the element to the composite  
Public MethodToTreeNodeExports information about the operation as a leaf of the specified tree node parent (Inherited from Nevron.Dom.NOperation)
Public MethodUndoOverridden. Overriden to remove the element from the composite to which it was added  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodEnsureElementSubtreeUniqueIds (Inherited from Nevron.Dom.NOperation)
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