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Nevron.FormulaEngine Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNConstantElement The NConstantElement class represents a constant (number, string or boolean constant).
ClassNFormulaElement The NFormulaElement abstract class serves as base class for all elements, which can reside in the formula expression tree
ClassNFormulaEngine The NFormulaEngine class is used for the runtime parsing and evaluation of formula expressions.
ClassNFunctionCollection The NFunctionCollection class represents a collection of functions
ClassNFunctionElement The NFunctionElement class represents a function
ClassNOperatorContainer The NOperatorContainer class is used to store the operators, which can be involved in an expression. It contains an implementation for each operator (a class instance, which impemenets the INOperator interface).
ClassNOperatorElement The NOperatorElement class represents an operator
ClassNParenthesisElement The NParenthesisElement class represents a formula element enclosed in parenthesis
ClassNReferenceElement The NReferenceElement class represents a reference to an externally provided value
ClassNVariableCollection The NVariableCollection class represents a collection in which variable values are identified by their names
ClassNVariableElement The NVariableElement class represents a variable
ClassNVariant The NVariant class represents a value-type pair, which facilitates the type convertion of values, as well as mathematical and logical operations with values of different type.
InterfaceINFunction The INFunction interface is implemented by all functions, which can be evaluated by the expression engine
InterfaceINOperator The INOperator interface is implemented by all operators
DelegateGetReferenceValue Delegate for the Get Reference Value query
DelegateIsReferenceName Delegate for the Is Refrence Name query
EnumerationOperatorType Enumerates the currently supported set of operators
EnumerationVariantType Enumerates the possible variant types
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