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ClassNCenturyDateTimeUnit Represents the century day date time unit (100 years).
ClassNCompositeConverter Base class for all composite converters.
ClassNConstValueProvider Represents a value provider that always returns a constant value
ClassNDateTimeUnit Represents a date/time unit
ClassNDateTimeUnitSerializer Serializes date / time units
ClassNDayDateTimeUnit Represents the day date time unit.
ClassNDecadeDateTimeUnit Represents the decade day date time unit (10 years).
ClassNException Base class for all exceptions.
ClassNExpectedException Represents an expected exception
ClassNFilteredValueProvider Represents a value provider associating a filter with a value. The returned value will be the first value who's filter returns true
ClassNFormattedValueProvider Represents a formatted value provider.
ClassNHalfDayDateTimeUnit Represents the half day date time unit.
ClassNHalfYearDateTimeUnit Represents the half year date time unit.
ClassNHourDateTimeUnit Represents the hour date time unit.
ClassNJScriptEncoder Provides Java script enconding
ClassNLicense Represents a license to use Nevron components.
ClassNLicenseManager Manages Nevron License keys.
ClassNMath Static class for commonly used mathematical routines.
ClassNMillisecondDateTimeUnit Represents the millisecond date time unit.
ClassNMinuteDateTimeUnit Represents the minute date time unit.
ClassNMonthDateTimeUnit Represents the month date time unit.
ClassNOrdinalValueProvider Represents an ordinal value provider.
ClassNQuarterDateTimeUnit Represents the quarter date time unit (3 months).
ClassNSecondDateTimeUnit Represents the second date time unit.
ClassNStatistics Static class for commonly used statistical routines.
ClassNSystemLoadAssemblyType Used to explicitly load the Nevron.System.dll assembly.
ClassNTickDateTimeUnit Represents the tick date time unit.
ClassNTimeUnit Represents a time unit
ClassNValueProvider Implemented by value providers
ClassNWeekDateTimeUnit Represents the week date time unit.
ClassNYearDateTimeUnit Represents the year date time unit.
InterfaceINIterator Implemented by iterators
InterfaceINObjectConverter Implemented by object converters.
InterfaceINReferenceHolder Implemented by objects, which can store references to other objects
InterfaceINReferenceProvider Implemented by objects, which can be referenced or can provide references to other objects
InterfaceINTimeSpanConvertable Implemented by date/time units that can be converted to a TimeSpan
StructureNDateTimeRange Represents a date / time range specified by a Begin and End date time
StructureNDateTimeSpan Represents a date time span as a pair of date/time unit and unit count.
StructureNKeyValuePair<TKey,TValue> Represents a pair of object key and its value
StructureNLicenseKey Represents a license key.
StructureNTimeSpan Represents a time span as a pair of time unit and unit count.
StructureNTimeSpanRange Represents a time range specified by a Begin and End time span
EnumerationDateTimeUnit Enumerates the supported date/time units
EnumerationDateTimeValueFormat Defines different formatting modes for DateTime values.
EnumerationENEditionType Enumerates the possible product editions
EnumerationENKeyType Enumerates the key types
EnumerationENLicenseKeyInfo License key info
EnumerationENProductType Enumerates the product types
EnumerationHorzAlign Specifies the horizonal alignment of objects within a container.
EnumerationNumericValueFormat Defines different formatting modes for numeric values.
EnumerationPlatformType Enumerates the platform types.
EnumerationTimeSpanValueFormat Defines different formatting modes for DateTime values.
EnumerationTimeUnit Enumerates the supported time units
EnumerationVertAlign Specifies the vertical alignment of objects within a container
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