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The following tables list the members exposed by NAspNetThinWebControl.

Public Properties
Public PropertyAutoUpdateCallbackGets or sets the auto update callback  
Public PropertyCustomDataGets or sets an object that is persisted with the control across roundtrips  
Public PropertyCustomRequestCallbackGets or sets the auto update callback  
Public PropertyHeightOverridden.   
Public PropertyInitializedReturns true if the control is initialized  
Public PropertyPageUrlGets the page URL  
Public PropertyPostbackIDGets the client side id of this control.  
Public PropertyServiceUrlGets or sets the service URL  
Public PropertyStateIdGets or sets the state id  
Public PropertyToolbarGets or sets the control toolbar  
Public PropertyWidthOverridden.   
Public Methods
Public MethodAddCustomClientCommandAdds a custom client command to the generated commands to the client  
Public MethodClearResponseEnsures that the control does not produce a response  
Public MethodConfigureInitialResponseConfigures the image response of the control  
Public MethodGetImageOverloaded. Gets an image in the specified format, size and resolution  
Public MethodGetImageMapGets an image map  
Public MethodGetIncludeScriptGets the include script of the control  
Public MethodLoadStateFromSessionLoads the specified state from the current session  
Public MethodProcessRequest  
Public MethodProcessResponses  
Public MethodProvideReference  
Public MethodRaisePostBackEventRegion raises the postback event  
Public MethodRenderControlOverridden. Renders the control  
Public MethodSaveStateToSessionSaves the state of the control to the current session state  
Public MethodUpdateUpdate the content of the control in the client browser  
Public MethodUpdateToolbarUpdate the content of the control in the client browser  
Public MethodUpdateViewUpdate the content of the control in the client browser  
Public Events
Public EventPostback  
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