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Nevron.ThinWeb Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNAction Base class for all client / server actions
ClassNAspNetThinWebControl Base ASP.NET thin control
ClassNAspNetThinWebControlDesigner Provides design time support for all web controls, which derive from NAspNetThinWebControl class.
ClassNBrowserRedirectTool Represents a tool that redirects the client browser when the user clicks on element with interactivity style having a URL attribute
ClassNCheckAction Base class for all client / server check actions
ClassNClientCommand Repsents a client command
ClassNClientCommandList Repsents a client command
ClassNClientMouseEventTool Represents a tool that when present in the controller tools collection processes client image map script associated with control elements
ClassNController The controller object serves as a holder of the tools in the control
ClassNCssSettings Controls the CSS used by the control
ClassNCursorTool Represents a tool that dynamically changes the browser cursor depending on the cursor interactivity attribute
ClassNIncompatibleTypeException Throws an incompatible type exception
ClassNJQuerySettings Controls the version and location of JQuery used by the ThinWeb control
ClassNNode Base node implementation
ClassNNodeCollection Summary description for NNodeCollection.
ClassNNodeComposite Summary description for NNodeComposite.
ClassNPostbackEventArgs Represents postback event args
ClassNPostbackTool Represents a tool that when present in the controller tools collection processes client image map script
ClassNRequestContext Base for all requests
ClassNSaveImageAction Saves the control as image to the client
ClassNSaveStateAction Saves the control state to the client
ClassNServerMouseEventTool Represents a tool that when present in the controller tools collection fires server side mouse events
ClassNServerSettings Provides various settings related to the ThinWeb control processing
ClassNThinWebControlLoadAssemblyType Used to explicitly load/reference the Nevron.ThinWeb.dll assembly.
ClassNToggleAutoUpdateAction Toggles the auto update of the control
ClassNToggleBrowserRedirectToolAction Enables the browser redirect tool
ClassNToggleCursorToolAction Enables the cursor change tool
ClassNToggleTooltipToolAction Enables the browser redirect tool
ClassNToolAction Base class for all actions that enable client / server tools
ClassNToolbarActionItem The base of all toolbar items
ClassNToolbarItem The base of all toolbar items
ClassNToolbarItemCollection This collection holds toolbar items
ClassNToolbarSeparator Represents a toolbar separator
ClassNToolCollection This collection holds the tools, which can applied to the control.
ClassNTooltipTool Represents a tool that shows client side tooltips depending on the tooltip interactivity attribute
InterfaceINCustomRequestCallback Represents a callback that is invoked when the client browser processes a custom callback
EnumerationImageServeMode Enumerates the http handler modes
EnumerationJQuerySourceType Specifies the JQuery script source
EnumerationMouseButton Enumerates the mouse buttons
EnumerationMouseEvent Enumerates the tracked mouse events
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