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ClassNAjaxCallbackToolDefinition A base class for all server side AJAX callback tools, which represent the configuration of client side JavaScript tools.
ClassNAjaxDynamicCursorTool Provides configuration for the client side NAjaxDynamicCursorTool tool.
ClassNAjaxMouseClickCallbackTool Provides configuration for the client side NAjaxMouseClickCallbackTool tool
ClassNAjaxMouseDoubleClickCallbackTool Provides configuration for the client side NAjaxMouseDoubleClickCallbackTool tool
ClassNAjaxMouseDownCallbackTool Provides configuration for the client side NAjaxMouseDownCallbackTool tool
ClassNAjaxMouseMoveCallbackTool Provides configuration for the client side NAjaxMouseMoveCallbackTool tool
ClassNAjaxMouseOutCallbackTool Provides configuration for the client side NAjaxMouseOutCallbackTool tool
ClassNAjaxMouseOverCallbackTool Provides configuration for the client side NAjaxMouseOverCallbackTool tool
ClassNAjaxMouseUpCallbackTool Provides configuration for the client side NAjaxMouseUpCallbackTool tool
ClassNAjaxRedirectTool Provides configuration for the client side NAjaxRedirectTool tool
ClassNAjaxTechnologyHelper NAjaxTechnologyHelper provides the common functonality for all AJAX echnology implementations.
ClassNAjaxToolDefinition A base class for all server side AJAX tools, which represent the configuration of client side JavaScript tools.
ClassNAjaxToolList List of server side AJAX tools that is used to create and configure tools at the client side.
ClassNAjaxTooltipTool Provides configuration for the client side NAjaxTooltipTool tool.
ClassNAjaxXmlDataSection Represents a single entity of structured XML data aggregated in a collection by the NAjaxXmlTransport class.
ClassNAjaxXmlTransport Represents a collection of structured XML data represented by the NAjaxXmlDataSection class. Provides serialization and deserialization capabilities.
ClassNAjaxXmlTransportBuilder Provides storage for building AJAX XML transport that will deliver structured data to the client after an AJAX request has been handled.
ClassNBatonSessionStateManager NBatonSessionStateAgent maintains a state between two postbacks. On every postback the manager checks if a prevoius state exists and if yes removes it, prior to storing a new one.
ClassNBrowser Describes a browser detection rule.
ClassNBrowserResponsePair Defines an association between a browser matching rule (NBrowser object) and a response type to be generated when the match is successful.
ClassNBrowserResponseSettings Holds the browser response configuration of the control.
ClassNCallbackArgs Provides data for the CallbackExecuting and CallbackExecuted events of the INAjaxControl interface.
ClassNCallbackCommand Represents a callback command to be sent to the server by the AJAX callback object, which is located at the client web-browser.
ClassNCallbackCustomCommandArgs Provides data for the AsyncCustomCommand event of the INAjaxControl interface.
ClassNCallbackMouseEventArgs Provides data for the AsyncClick, AsyncDoubleClick, AsyncMouseMove, AsyncMouseDown and AsyncMouseUp events of the INAjaxControl interface.
ClassNCallbackQueryCommandResultArgs Provides data for the AsyncQueryCommandResult event of the INAjaxControl interface.
ClassNCallbackRefreshArgs Provides data for the AsyncRefresh event of the INAjaxControl interface.
ClassNClientServerTechnology NClientServerTechnology is the base class for classes representing a technology for client-server communication between the web-browser and the IIS. All derived classes of the NClientServerTechnology class must be stateless, because the NClientServerTechnology instance can be replaced by a NClientServerTechnologyFactory at any time without notification.
ClassNClientServerTechnologyFactory NClientServerTechnologyFactory is the base class for NClientServerTechnology factories.
ClassNConfigurationNode Base for all server control settings objects.
ClassNControlStateSettings Controls the settings related to the persistence of the control in the page view state.
ClassNEventLogSettings Summary description for NEventLogSettings.
ClassNHtmlImageMapResponse Describes and HTML image map generated by the server control.
ClassNHttpHandlerCallback Provides basic implementation for the INHttpHandlerCallback interface
ClassNImage Summary description for NImage.
ClassNImageHostPage Summary description for NImageHostPage.
ClassNImageResponse Describes an image response type. The generated image can be BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF or SVG.
ClassNImageResponseHttpHandler This class is the base class for all Nevron http handlers with image response type.
ClassNPermanentSessionStateManager NPermanentSessionStateAgent maintains a permanent state in the session state.
ClassNPredefined A repository of constants and static readonly objects
ClassNPrintPreviewHttpHandler This class writes to the HTTP response an HTML table, which layouts the image of a Nevron web component in tiles in a way that is suitable for client side priting from the web browser.
ClassNRenderSessionStateManager NRenderSessionStateAgent maintains a state between the HTML render phase and the image render phase. When an image is rendered, the state object, stored into the session state, is removed.
ClassNResponse The base class for the NImageResponse and NHtmlImageMapResponse classes.
ClassNServerRespository Serializes the control state on the server as a temporary file.
ClassNServerSettings Contains all settings related to the operation of the control on the server.
ClassNServerSettingsSectionHandler This class is used by the .NET framework and is not indended for direct use in web applications.
ClassNStateManager NStateAgent is a base class for all state agents. A state manager is a class, controlling the creation, life span and disposal of state objects.
ClassNStateManagerFactory Creates state agents.
ClassNStateObject Base class of session state object classes to keep the state of the Nevron web controls over subsequent callback requests and between postback requests and the HTTP handler image generation.
ClassNStringHolderCollection Summary description for NStringHolderCollection.
ClassNTemporaryFileSettings Holds properties related to the temporary file management on the server.
ClassNUIWebFormsControlsLoadAssemblyType Used to explicitly load the Nevron.UI.WebForm.Controls.dll assembly.
ClassNViewStateRepository Serializes the control state in the view state.
ClassNWebControl NWebControl is the base class for all Nevron web controls. Its purpose is to implement the pluggable architecture for client-server communication technologies, which are represented by the NClientServerTechnology class.
ClassNWebControlDesigner Provides design time support for all web controls, which derive from the NWebControl class.
ClassNWebControlStateRepository Summary description for NStateRepository.
InterfaceINAjaxControl INAjaxControl provides the common interface of all Nevron web controls which support the AJAX technology.
InterfaceINHttpHandlerCallback INHttpHandlerCallback provides interface for classes to handle AJAX events in Nevron Instant Callback mode
InterfaceINTemporaryFileCreator Implemented by classes that create temporary files on the server
InterfaceINWebControlStateRepository Implemented by web control state repositories.
InterfaceINWebImageControl Implemented by web image controls
EnumerationAjaxDebugConsoleMode Enumerates the possible display modes of the JavaScript client side debug console.
EnumerationAjaxImageMapMode The possible modes for generating an image map in AJAX mode
EnumerationAjaxScriptBuild Enumerates the possible builds of the Nevron JavaScript Framework.
EnumerationClientSideImageAcquisitionMode ClientSideImageAcquisitionMode is used to change the way a rendered is streamline to the client
EnumerationExpirationCheckReason Specifies the reason why an expiration check is forced to a state manager
EnumerationResponseType The possible response types generated by the component.
EnumerationWebControlTechnologyType WebControlTechnologyType is used to change the client-server communication technology programatically at design- and at run-time.
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