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NCaptionPanel Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NCaptionPanel.

Public Properties
Public PropertyBorderGets the NControlBorder object that manages the border around the control.  
Public PropertyCaptionGets the NCaptionBar object that represents the caption of the Control.  
Public PropertyContextMenuEnabledGets or sets a value whether the embedded context menu is enabled.  
Public PropertyDisplayRectangleOverridden.   
Public Methods
Public MethodCanBeginDragOverridden.   
Public MethodCloseHides panel from the user without destroying it. Use this method rather than the inherited "Hide" one.  
Public MethodDisplayDisplays panel to the user. The panel should be previously closed for the method to have effect.  
Public MethodGetCommandCheckedChecks whether a command, corresponding to the specified id, is checked for this instance.  
Public MethodGetCommandEnabledChecks whether a command, corresponding to the specified id, is enabled for this instance.  
Public MethodMaximizeMaximizes the panel. Overriden by dockable panels.  
Public MethodOnContextMenuCommandClickNotifies of a context menu command click.  
Public MethodRefreshCaptionOverloaded. Invalidates caption's bounds.  
Public MethodRestoreSets the SizeState of the panel to SizeState.Normal  
Public MethodSetActiveOverridden.   
Public MethodShowContextMenuShows a NContextMenu containing commands associated with this instance.  
Public MethodUpdateCaptionUpdates the caption's bounds and invalidates them.  
Public Events
Public EventCaptionButtonClickedFired when the user has clicked a button located on the caption bar.  
Public EventContextMenuCommandClickNotifies for a context menu command click.  
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