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ClassCaptionEventArgs Contains information about a panel event associated with its caption.
ClassNAutoHideStripsData Summary description for NAutoHideStripsData.
ClassNCaptionBar Encapsulates the basic functionality of a caption bar.
ClassNCaptionButton Represents a button on a caption.
ClassNCaptionButtonCollection Represents a collection of NCaptionButton objects.
ClassNCaptionPanel Represents a standard Windows Forms Panel control with ability to display caption. Base class for the docking panels control.
ClassNCaptionStyle Contains information about a caption appearance.
ClassNCaptionStylePropertyPage Summary description for NTabStylePropertyPage.
ClassNControlHost Represents a generic dock zone which can host controls.
ClassNDockHelper Provides static helper methods.
ClassNDockingFilters Summary description for NFilters.
ClassNDockingFrameworkCommand Represents a generic object which may perform action upon other objects.
ClassNDockingFrameworkCommander Manages the command model of the docking framework.
ClassNDockingFrameworkCommands Summary description for NDockingFrameworkCommands.
ClassNDockingFrameworkData Represents the base class for all data representation objects.
ClassNDockingFrameworkPalette Represents the defaut palette to be used by the docking framework.
ClassNDockingFrameworkRenderer Provides base methods for rendering docking framework elements such as captions, splitters, frames, tabs, etc. By default the entire framework shares a single instance of this renderer.
ClassNDockingFrameworkState Provides support for serializing/deserializing an existing docking framework state.
ClassNDockingHintService Provides methods for generating a hint which displays the proposed bounds a dragged panel will occupy after a successful drag operation.
ClassNDockingHintStyle Contains information about how docking hints are visualized.
ClassNDockingLicenseProvider Summary description for NDockingLicenseProvider.
ClassNDockingPanel Represents a generic dockable panel. A panel resides in a INDockZone instance which is hosted on a docking panel container. Each container hosts a tree of docking zones which represent the layout of the entire docking framework.
ClassNDockingPanelBase Represents a base class for a NDockingPanel and NDockingPanelContainer instances.
ClassNDockingPanelContainer Represents a container for NDockingPanel objects. Each container hosts a tree of INDockZone instances which forms the layout of all dockable panels.
ClassNDockingPanelContainerData A serializable representation of a docking container.
ClassNDockingPanelData A serializable representation of a docking panel state.
ClassNDockingPanelDragInfo Contains information about a panel being dragged.
ClassNDockingPanelHost Represents a predefined control host zone which hosts a NDockingPanelGroup and allows for adding child panels.
ClassNDockingPanelPermissions Contains all the permissions available for a NDockingPanel instance.
ClassNDockingPanelState Summary description for NDockingPanelState.
ClassNDockingPanelTabInfo Summary description for NDockingPanelTabInfo.
ClassNDockingService Represents a docking framework service.
ClassNDockingStickerTemplate Represents a template for docking stickers. Each template contains complete information about the bitmaps to be used when generating docking hints.
ClassNDockingStickerTemplateCollection Represents a collection of NDockingStickerTemplate objects.
ClassNDockManager Represents the top-level manager of the docking framework.
ClassNDockManagerPropertyPage Summary description for NDockManagerPropertyPage.
ClassNDockManagerStyleComposite Represents a composite object which stores all the styles registered with the docking framework.
ClassNDockStateFilter Summary description for NDockStateFilter.
ClassNDockStyleFilter Summary description for NDockStyleFilter.
ClassNDockZone Represents a splittable dock zone.
ClassNDockZoneBase Represents the base class for NDockZone objects. A dock zone is a logical area which might contains panels or other nested zones. This structure allows for creating complex layouts. The children zones are arranged according to the orientation of the zone.
ClassNDockZoneChildCollection Represents a collection of INDockZoneChild objects. The collection itself does not provide add and remove methods. Call the AddChild and RemoveChild methods of the parent zone instead.
ClassNDockZoneData A serializable representation of a docking zone.
ClassNDockZoneLayoutEngine Exposes methods for layout operations on a INDockZone children.
ClassNDocumentCommand Summary description for NDocumentCommand.
ClassNDocumentData Summary description for NDocumentData.
ClassNDocumentHost Represents a host for document panels.
ClassNDocumentHostData Summary description for NDocumentHostData.
ClassNDocumentManager Represents a top-level manager of all the available documents.
ClassNDocumentManagerData Summary description for NDocumentManagerData.
ClassNDocumentsEditor Summary description for NDocumentsList.
ClassNDocumentStyle Encapsulates common styles and properties for the document section of the framework.
ClassNDocumentView Represents a basic class for all document views.
ClassNDocumentViewHost Represents a dock zone which will host the document view.
ClassNDraggablePanel Represents a control which might be dragged with the left mouse button. Base class for docking panels.
ClassNDragHandler Represents an object which handles drag operations. All panels delegate their dragging to such an instance.
ClassNDragInfo Contains information about a drag operation.
ClassNDragOperationDockingService Represents a service which observes a drag operation.
ClassNEmptyFilter Summary description for NEmptyFilter.
ClassNGuidFilter Summary description for NGuidFilter.
ClassNHitTestService Represents a service which performs a hit-test logic when a panel is dragged.
ClassNLayoutInfo Contains information about a layout operation.
ClassNOrientationFilter Summary description for NOrientationFilter.
ClassNPanelCommand Summary description for NPanelCommand.
ClassNRenderCaptionContext Summary description for NRenderCaptionContext.
ClassNRenderContext Provides common render information.
ClassNRenderFrameContext Represents a render context which contains information about how a frame should be rendered.
ClassNRootDockZone Summary description for NRootDockZone.
ClassNSingleDocumentData Summary description for NSingleDocumentData.
ClassNSizeInfo Contains information about how a single layout target will be treated by a layout engine.
ClassNSplitterStyle Controls the appearance of all the splitters in the framework.
ClassNSplitterStylePropertyPage Summary description for NSplitterStylePropertyPage.
ClassNStandardMdiDocumentData Summary description for NStandardMdiDocumentData.
ClassNStyle The base abstract class for all appearance styles.
ClassNStyleComposite Represents a base implementation of the INStyleComposite interface.
ClassNStylePropertyPage Summary description for NTabStylePropertyPage.
ClassNTabbedMdiDocumentData Summary description for NTabbedMdiDocumentData.
ClassNTabbedMdiView Summary description for NTabbedMdiView.
ClassNTabbedMdiViewHost Summary description for NDocumentViewHost.
ClassNTabStyle Controls appearance of docking framework tabstrips.
ClassNTabStylePropertyPage Summary description for NTabStylePropertyPage.
ClassNUIWinFormDockingLoadAssemblyType Used to explicitly load the Nevron.UI.WinForm.Docking.dll assembly.
ClassNVisibleFilter Summary description for NVisibleFilter.
ClassNVisualTabNavigationCommand Represents a command which displays dialog for visual keyboard navigation.
ClassPanelAutoHideCancelEventArgs Contains information about a panel's event.
ClassPanelCancelEventArgs Cancelable panel event arguments.
ClassPanelDragCancelEventArgs Cancelable panel drag event arguments.
ClassPanelDragEventArgs Contains information about a panel drag event
ClassPanelEventArgs Contains information about a panel's event.
InterfaceINCaptionControl Represents a generic control that has caption.
InterfaceINDockAreaProvider Represents a generic object which provides NDockArea structures.
InterfaceINDockingHintService Provides a simple method for generating a preview.
InterfaceINDockingPanel Represents a generic dockable panel.
InterfaceINDockingPanelContainer Represents a container where INDockingPanel instances may reside.
InterfaceINDockingService Provides a simple interface which only gets a reference to the current docking manager.
InterfaceINDockZone Represents a logical area where a dockable object may reside.
InterfaceINDockZoneChild Represents a generic object which might be parented by INDockZone instances.
InterfaceINDockZoneChildContainer Represents a generic container for INDockZoneChild instances.
InterfaceINDraggableControl Represents a generic control that might be dragged using the left mouse button.
InterfaceINDragHandler Provides interface for implementing drag behavior for draggable objects.
InterfaceINDragOperationObserver Provides methods for an object which should be notified when a drag operation has started/ended.
InterfaceINHitTestService Provides a simple method for hittesting for a valid dock area under the specified screen location.
InterfaceINLayoutEngine Represents a generic layout engine.
InterfaceINSelectableControl Represents a generic implementation for a selectable control - that is control which may receive focus.
InterfaceINStyleComposite Represents a generic composite object that contains styles.
InterfaceINUniqueID Represents a simple interface for querying uniquely identifiable object.
StructureNBorder Represents a border edge.
StructureNDockArea Represents a general area (provided by a INDockAreaProvider instance) where a panel can be docked.
DelegateCaptionEventHandler Represents a delegate associated with a caption in a panel.
DelegateDocumentTabDoubleClickEventHandler Represent a delegate associated with document event arguments.
DelegateDraggingPanelEventHandler Represents a delegate associated with panel drag cancel event arguments.
DelegateEndDragPanelEventHandler Represents a delegate associated with panel event arguments.
DelegatePanelAutoHideEventHandler Represents a delegate associated with panel event arguments.
DelegatePanelCancelEventHandler Represents a delegate associated with panel cancel event arguments.
DelegatePanelEventHandler Represents a delegate associated with panel event arguments.
DelegateResolveClientEventHandler Represents a delegate associated with resolving a document's client in a persistency operation.
EnumerationAutoHideLocation Specifies the available location for an autohide operation.
EnumerationBorderType Enumerates the available types of border.
EnumerationCaptionButtonID Enumerates the predefined caption button ids.
EnumerationCaptionRefreshHint Enumerates the possible hints used when refreshing a caption.
EnumerationCaptionVisibility Specifies possible caption visibilities.
EnumerationDockAreaMask Specifies the available dock areas per INDockArea provider instance.
EnumerationDockingHint Enumerates the possible dockable hints
EnumerationDockingPanelCaptionStyle Specifies the possible caption styles of a NDockingPanel.
EnumerationDockingStyleID Enumerates the predefined styles registered with the docking framework.
EnumerationDockPanelCommandID Enumerates the possible ids of docking panel command.
EnumerationDockState Specifies the current state of a INDockingPanel.
EnumerationDocumentStripButtons Specifies the visibility of document strip buttons.
EnumerationDocumentViewStyle Specifies the avialable document view styles which are supported by the framework.
EnumerationDragHint Specifies the hint used to identify a drag operation.
EnumerationSizeLogic Specifies how a INDockZoneChild is resized in its parent zone
EnumerationSizeState Enumerates the possible size state.
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