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Server Settings

This topic discusses the server settings relevant to Nevron Chart ThinWeb - the common ThinWeb control server settings are described in the Common Server Settings topic.

Chart Zooming Options

When you perform a data zoom operation the chart can operate in two modes - single image and tiled image. When using a tiled image the chart plot and axes are partitioned into multiple tiles which are asynchronously send to the server. The following table shows the advantages and disadvantages of the single image vs tiled image zooming:

Zoom Type Advantages Disadvantages
Single Image

Supported for all types of axes.

Results in less communication between the client and the server in case there is no data panning.

Slower data panning and scrolling speed
Tiled Image

Fast data zoom and scroll.

Ability to cache plot and axis tiles that are currently not visible for faster update.

Not supported for axes with titles.

Not supported for log axes.

Results in more communication between the client and the server if the cache size is small

By default tiled chart zooming and scrolling is turned of. In order to change that you need to set the EnableTiledZoom property to true:

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NThinChartControl1.ServerSettings.EnableTiledZoom = true;
Visual Basic
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NThinChartControl1.ServerSettings.EnableTiledZoom = True

When you enable tiled zooming the TileCacheSize property controls the pixel area the client browser can cache around the currently zoomed x/y range of the chart.


Min Zoom Range

When the user performs a data zoom sometimes the zoomed area can be very small - this is usually a result of a user error when he or she begins to draw a selection range, but releases the mouse very close to the initial mouse position. This can result in ranges that are very small and can potentially result in numeric instability in the control. The MinZoomXRange and MinZoomYRange control the minimum length of the zoomed x or y range - the following code shows how to increase the minimum zoom x and y ranges:

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NThinChartControl1.ServerSettings.MinZoomXRange = 1;

NThinChartControl1.ServerSettings.MinZoomYRange = 1;

Visual Basic
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NThinChartControl1.ServerSettings.MinZoomXRange = 1

NThinChartControl1.ServerSettings.MinZoomYRange = 1

 Loader Images

When the control uses tiled output for the plot and axes you can instruct it to display AJAX loader images when a tile is waiting for the server to render. This is controlled by the ShowLoaderImagesForAxisTiles and ShowLoaderImagesForPlotTiles property of the server settings object:

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NThinChartControl1.ServerSettings.ShowLoaderImagesForAxisTiles = true;
NThinChartControl1.ServerSettings.ShowLoaderImagesForPlotTiles =

Visual Basic
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NThinChartControl1.ServerSettings.ShowLoaderImagesForAxisTiles = True
NThinChartControl1.ServerSettings.ShowLoaderImagesForPlotTiles =

By default loader images are turned off as they clutter the display and are generally not necessary if you have relatively high speed connection to the server.



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