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Overlapped Line

Overlapped lines are similar to standard lines, the only difference being that overlapped line series occupy one and the same depth space. Since this difference cannot be observed in 2D charts, using overlapped mode makes sense only for 3D line charts. The following figure shows an overlapped line chart:

Figure 1.

Creating the line series

Overlapped Line charts are displayed with several NLineSeries objects. The MultiLineMode property of the first line series must be set to MultiLineMode.Series. For the subsequent series the MultiLineMode property must be set to MultiLineMode.Overlapped. The following example demonstrates how to create an overlapped line chart with two line series:

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// obtain a reference to the Cartesian chart that is created by default
NCartesianChart chart = (NCartesianChart)chartControl.Charts[0];

NLineSeries line1 = (NLineSeries)chart.Series.Add(SeriesType.Line);
NLineSeries line2 = (NLineSeries)chart.Series.Add(SeriesType.Line);

line1.MultiLineMode = MultiLineMode.Series;
line2.MultiLineMode = MultiLineMode.Overlapped;
Visual Basic
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' obtain a reference to the Cartesian chart that is created by default
Dim chart As NCartesianChart = chartControl.Charts(0)

Dim line1 As NLineSeries = chart.Series.Add(SeriesType.Line)
Dim line2 As NLineSeries = chart.Series.Add(SeriesType.Line)

line1.MultiLineMode = MultiLineMode.Series
line2.MultiLineMode = MultiLineMode.Overlapped

If you want to create a second overlapped line group with two lines behind the overlapped line created in the previous sample you must add the following code:

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NLineSeries line4 = (NLineSeries)chart.Series.Add(SeriesType.Line);
NLineSeries line5 = (NLineSeries)chart.Series.Add(SeriesType.Line);

line4.MultiLineMode = MultiLineMode.Series;
line5.MultiLineMode = MultiLineMode.Overlapped;
Visual Basic
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Dim line4 As NLineSeries = chart.Series.Add(SeriesType.Line)
Dim line5 As NLineSeries = chart.Series.Add(SeriesType.Line)

line4.MultiLineMode = MultiLineMode.Series
line5.MultiLineMode = MultiLineMode.Overlapped
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