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Stock Stick

Stick Charts are used to plot daily stock data. Unlike Candle Charts, Stick Charts do not draw a candle body. The open and close prices are marked by short horizontal lines, while the high-low range is presented as a single vertical line. The stroke style of a data point depends on whether the price goes up or down. The following figure displays a Stick Chart.

Figure 1.

Differences from the Candle Stock series

In order to display the stock data items in stick mode, the CandleStyle property of the NStockSeries object should be set to Stick.

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stock.CandleStyle = CandleStyle.Stick;
Visual Basic
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stock.CandleStyle = CandleStyle.Stick

Stock series displayed in stick mode have the following differences from stock series visualized in candle mode:

1. Control over the visibility of the Open and Close values
The open and close values are displayed as ticks on the line connecting the high and low values. You can control their visibility with the help of the ShowOpen and ShowClose properties, which are set to true by default. The following code will display a High - Low - Close chart.

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stock.ShowOpen = false;
stock.ShowClose = true;
Visual Basic
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stock.ShowOpen = False
stock.ShowClose = True

The following code will display High - Low - Open chart:

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stock.ShowOpen = true;
stock.ShowClose = false;
Visual Basic
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stock.ShowOpen = True
stock.ShowClose = False

2. Passing data
The Open and Close values are not mandatory when the ShowOpen and ShowClose properties are set to false.

3. Visualization Logic
To differentiate sticks with up and down orientation each stick is displayed entirely with the stroke styles specified by the UpStrokeStyle or DownStrokeStyle.

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