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Nested Commands

Nevron command model makes it very easy to create nested commands and drop-down menus. Actually, drop-down menus are created internally and the user does not deal directly with them. The concept is that each command that contains nested commands is responsible for creating and displaying a NMenuWindow control to visualize its children. This menu is created on demand - for example on a left mouse click. Using this approach, creation of complicated nested menus and command hierarchies is a matter of few lines of code.
Creating Nested Commands

The following example demonstrates how to create nested commands:

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//create a NToolbar object first
NToolbar toolbar = new NToolbar();
toolbar.DefaultCommandStyle = CommandStyle.Text;

//create a file command and add it to the toolbar
NCommand fileCommand = new NCommand();
fileCommand.Properties.Text = "&File";
fileCommand.Properties.ShowArrowStyle = ShowArrowStyle.Never;


//create some nested commands
NCommand saveCommand = new NCommand();
saveCommand.Properties.Text = "Save";


NCommand exitCommand = new NCommand();
exitCommand.Properties.Text = "E&xit";


NCommand saveAsCommand = new NCommand();
saveAsCommand.Properties.Text = "&Save As";


NCommand saveAllCommand = new NCommand();
saveAllCommand.Properties.Text = "Save &All";

Visual Basic
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'create a NToolbar object first
Dim toolbar As NToolbar = New NToolbar()
toolbar.DefaultCommandStyle = CommandStyle.Text

'create a file command and add it to the toolbar
Dim fileCommand As NCommand = New NCommand()
fileCommand.Properties.Text = "&File"
fileCommand.Properties.ShowArrowStyle = ShowArrowStyle.Never


'create some nested commands
Dim saveCommand As NCommand = New NCommand()
saveCommand.Properties.Text = "Save"


Dim exitCommand As NCommand = New NCommand()
exitCommand.Properties.Text = "E&xit"


Dim saveAsCommand As NCommand = New NCommand()
saveAsCommand.Properties.Text = "&Save As"


Dim saveAllCommand As NCommand = New NCommand()
saveAllCommand.Properties.Text = "Save &All"


The result from the example code above. 

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