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Handling empty data points at presentation level

The empty data points can be displayed in a variety of ways. The appearance of the empty data points is controlled by a NEmptyDataPointsAppearance object attached to each NSeries object. An instance of this class can be obtained through the EmptyDataPointsAppearance property.

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NEmptyDataPointsAppearance edpAppearance = series.EmptyDataPointsAppearance;
Visual Basic
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Dim edpAppearance As NEmptyDataPointsAppearance = series.EmptyDataPointsAppearance

The way in which empty data points are visualized is controlled by the AppearanceMode property, which accepts the values of the EmptyDataPointsAppearanceMode enumeration. Following is a description of the possible modes:

The following code will apply red filling and yellow border for the empty data points:

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edpAppearance.AppearanceMode = EmptyDataPointsAppearanceMode.Special;
edpAppearance.FillStyle = new NColorFillStyle(Color.Red);
edpAppearance.BorderStyle = new NStrokeStyle(Color.Yellow);
Visual Basic
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edpAppearance.AppearanceMode = EmptyDataPointsAppearanceMode.Special
edpAppearance.FillStyle = New NColorFillStyle(Color.Red)
edpAppearance.BorderStyle = New NStrokeStyle(Color.Yellow)

The appearance of empty data point markers is controlled by the MarkerMode property which is of type EmptyDataPointsMarkerMode. There are two possible modes:

The following example applies a special marker style for the empty data points:

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edpAppearance.MarkerMode = EmptyDataPointsMarkerMode.Special;
edpAppearance.MarkerStyle.PointShape = PointShape.Sphere;
edpAppearance.MarkerStyle.FillStyle = new NColorFillStyle(Color.Red);
Visual Basic
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edpAppearance.MarkerMode = EmptyDataPointsMarkerMode.Special
edpAppearance.MarkerStyle.PointShape = PointShape.Sphere
edpAppearance.MarkerStyle.FillStyle = New NColorFillStyle(Color.Red)
Data Labels

The appearance of empty data point labels is controlled by the DataLabelMode property which is of type EmptyDataPointsLabelMode. There are two possible modes:

The following example applies a special data label style for the empty data points of some series:

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series.EmptyDataPointsAppearance.DataLabelMode = EmptyDataPointsLabelMode.Special;
series.EmptyDataPointsAppearance.DataLabelStyle.Visible = true;
series.EmptyDataPointsAppearance.DataLabelStyle.Format = "EDP: <value>";
series.EmptyDataPointsAppearance.DataLabelStyle.TextStyle.FillStyle = new NColorFillStyle(Color.Red);
Visual Basic
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series.EmptyDataPointsAppearance.DataLabelMode = EmptyDataPointsLabelMode.Special
series.EmptyDataPointsAppearance.DataLabelStyle.Visible = True
series.EmptyDataPointsAppearance.DataLabelStyle.Format = "EDP: <value>"
series.EmptyDataPointsAppearance.DataLabelStyle.TextStyle.FillStyle = New NColorFillStyle(Color.Red)
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