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MUL(arg1; arg2 [; arg3] ...)
Accepts two or more arguments, which may be either single values or arrays.
If all the arguments are single values, the result is a single value.
If there is at least one array-argument, the result is an array. The size of the result is equal to the size of the input array.
If there is more than one array-argument, the size of the result is equal to the size of the smallest array-argument.

Each element of the result is a product of the corresponding elements of the input arguments.

Example 1:

Expression: MUL(arg1; 2)

arg1 5 2 3 1 10
result 10 4 6 2 20

Example 2:

Expression: MUL(arg1; arg2)

arg1 5 2 3 1 10
arg2 4 3 3 6 2
result 20 6 9 6 20
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