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SVG Exporter

The SVG exporter extension helps you export drawing to W3C acclaimed Scalable Vector Format (SVG). It is represented by the NSvgExporter class whose one and only constructor by design requires a reference to the document, which must be exported to SVG. 

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// create a new SVG exporter
NSvgExporter svgExporter = new NSvgExporter(document);
Visual Basic
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' create a new SVG exporter
Dim svgExporter As New NSvgExporter(document)

SVG content is XML based and hence can be encoded in a string. To get the string which represents the diagram in SVG - use the RenderToSvg method. Alternatively you can save the generated SVG to an external file with the help of the the SaveToFile method, or copy the SVG string to the clipboard with the CopyToClipboard method.

The SVG exporter has a localizable visual interface, which is displayed by the ShowDialog method.



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