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Serialization Formats

Nevron Chart for .NET supports several serialization formats including binary and XML. The serialization format is specified by the PersistencyFormat enum accepted by all functions of the serializer. The following table shows the different formats you can use for serialization:

Format Description
PersistencyFormat.Binary Standard .NET binary serialization format.
PersistencyFormat.XML Standard .NET XML serialization format.
PersistencyFormat.SOAP Standard .NET SOAP serialization format.
PersistencyFormat.CustomBinary Custom Binary Serialization format. Allows for serialization filters.
PersistencyFormat.CustomXML Custom XML Serialization format. Allows for serialization filters.

Note that the CustomBinary and CustomXML serialization formats allow you to use serialization filters which is a feature not supported by the serialization formats provided by the .NET framework. Serialization filters are discussed in the topic "Serialization Filters" later in this chapter.

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