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Floor Plan Shapes

The floor plan shapes are created with an instance of the NFloorPlanShapesFactory class. The shapes, which this factory can produce are enumerated by the FloorPlanShapes enumeration. The following image illustrates the shapes, which this factory can currently produce:

It is important to know that the shapes in this factory are defined in their actual size and will not take into account the DefaultSize property of the factory. This is because it is important how large a table, chair or desk is. For the proper display of these shapes inside a drawing, the drawing must use drawing scale. The following example configures a drawing document with a scale, which maps 1mm in logical units to 0.01mm in world units.

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drawing.MeasurementUnit = NMetricUnit.Millimeter;
drawing.DrawingScaleMode = DrawingScaleMode.CustomScale;
drawing.CustomWorldMeasurementUnit = NMetricUnit.Millimeter;
drawing.CustomScale = 0.01f;
Visual Basic
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drawing.MeasurementUnit = NMetricUnit.Millimeter
drawing.DrawingScaleMode = DrawingScaleMode.CustomScale
drawing.CustomWorldMeasurementUnit = NMetricUnit.Millimeter
drawing.CustomScale = 0.01f
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