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Visio Import

The Visio Importer makes it possible to use Visio shapes in your Nevron diagrams. It takes as an input a XML serialized Visio stencil (VSX) and imports its shapes in a Nevron library document which you can use with any Nevron diagram.

To import a Visio stencil in a Nevron library document you should do the following actions: 

Here's a sample source code:

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NLibraryDocument libraryDocument = new NLibraryDocument();
NVisioImporter visioImporter = new NVisioImporter(libraryDocument);
Visual Basic
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Dim libraryDocument As NLibraryDocument = New NLibraryDocument()
Dim visioImporter As NVisioImporter = New NVisioImporter(libraryDocument)

You can control the way the Visio importer imports Visio shapes using its properties: 

  1. Visio has 4 types of shapes:
    • Shape: object with geometry, text, line and fill style, etc.
    • Group: same as shape, but can also include a collection of member shapes and thus can represent hierarchical concepts.
    • Guide: a variant of shape which represents the Guide drawing object.
    • Foreign: defines the shape as representing some variety of non-Visio object (metafile, bitmap, PNG, JPEG, etc.).

      The importer supports the first two types of shapes: shape and group.
  2. Importing of the text of the shapes is currently not supported
  3. Importing of shape connection points (a.k.a. ports) is not supported



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