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Integrating In Web Forms

This topic describes the steps necessary to build a simple ASP.NET application which displays a Chart or Diagram.


  1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

  2. On the File / New Project select "Visual C# projects" and then select "ASP .NET Web application" from the list on the right side.

  3. Click OK.

  4. If the current page view is Source, switch to Design.

  5. Open the Toolbox. If it's not visible open it from the View\Toolbox menu item.

  6. Locate the Nevron Chart (Diagram) Web Form tab and expand it.

  7. Select NChartControl (NDrawingView) and drop it on the from.

  8. Open the source code for WebForm1.aspx - from the Solution explorer right click on Default.aspx and select "View code". Add the following using directives:

    For a Chart component:

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    using Nevron.GraphicsCore;
    using Nevron.Chart;
    using Nevron.Chart.WebForm;
    Visual Basic
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    Imports Nevron.GraphicsCore
    Imports Nevron.Chart
    Imports Nevron.Chart.WebForm

    For a Diagram component:

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    using Nevron.GraphicsCore;
    using Nevron.Diagram;
    using Nevron.Diagram.WebForm;
    using Nevron.Diagram.Shapes;
    Visual Basic
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    Imports Nevron.GraphicsCore
    Imports Nevron.Diagram
    Imports Nevron.Diagram.WebForm
    Imports Nevron.Diagram.Shapes
  9. Check if the following assemblies are referenced from your project:
    For Nevron Chart:
    - Nevron.System
    - Nevron.Presentation
    - Nevron.UI.WebForm.Controls
    - Nevron.Chart
    - Nevron.Chart.WebForm

    For Nevron Diagram:
    - Nevron.System
    - Nevron.Presentation
    - Nevron.UI.WebForm.Controls
    - Nevron.Diagram
    - Nevron.Diagram.Shapes
    - Nevron.Diagram.WebForm

    If not, add the required references to your project.

  10. Check if the following configuration xml exists in your web.config file:

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      <!—- IIS 5 and IIS 6 related configuration -->
          <!--If you are using Nevron Chart for .NET-->
          <addpath="NevronChart.axd" verb="*" type="Nevron.Chart.WebForm.NChartImageResourceHandler" validate="false" />
          <!--If you are using Nevron Diagram for .NET-->
          <addpath="NevronDiagram.axd" verb="*" type="Nevron.Diagram.WebForm.NDiagramImageResourceHandler" validate="false" />
       <!—- IIS 7 related configuration -->
          <!--If you are using Nevron Chart for .NET-->
          <removename="NevronChart" />
          <!--If you are using Nevron Diagram for .NET-->
          <removename="NevronDiagram" />
          <!--If you are using Nevron Chart for .NET-->
          <addname="NevronChart" preCondition="integratedMode" verb="*" path="NevronChart.axd" type="Nevron.Chart.WebForm.NChartImageResourceHandler" />
          <!--If you are using Nevron Diagram for .NET-->
          <addname="NevronDiagram" preCondition="integratedMode" verb="*" path="NevronDiagram.axd" type="Nevron.Diagram.WebForm.NDiagramImageResourceHandler" />
    If not, add the required xml configuration code.

  11. Start the application. The web page must display an empty chart (drawing view).

  12. Close the browser.

  13. Add a simple initialization code for the inserted component in the Page_Load method.
    For Nevron Chart that could be:

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    if (NChartControl1.RequiresInitialization)
     NChart chart = NChartControl1.Charts[0];
     NLineSeries line = new NLineSeries();
     line.BorderStyles[0] = new NStrokeStyle(Color.Red);
     line.BorderStyles[1] = new NStrokeStyle(Color.Blue);
     line.BorderStyles[2] = new NStrokeStyle(Color.Green);
    Visual Basic
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    If NChartControl1.RequiresInitialization = True Then
        Dim chart = NChartControl1.Charts(0)
        Dim line = New NLineSeries
        line.BorderStyles(0) = New NStrokeStyle(Color.Red)
        line.BorderStyles(1) = New NStrokeStyle(Color.Blue)
        line.BorderStyles(2) = New NStrokeStyle(Color.Green)
    End If
    For Nevron Diagram you could use the following lines of code:
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    if (NDrawingView1.RequiresInitialization)
     NDrawingView1.ViewLayout = CanvasLayout.Fit;
     NDrawingView1.DocumentPadding = new Nevron.Diagram.NMargins(10);
     NDrawingView1.Document.Bounds = new NRectangleF(0, 0, 420, 320);
     NStandardFrameStyle fs = (NDrawingView1.Document.BackgroundStyle.FrameStyle as NStandardFrameStyle);
     fs.InnerBorderWidth = new NLength(0);
     NBasicShapesFactory factory = new NBasicShapesFactory(NDrawingView1.Document);
     NEllipseShape ellipse = factory.CreateShape((int)BasicShapes.Ellipse) as NEllipseShape;
     ellipse.Name = "myEllipse";
     ellipse.Width = 250f;
     ellipse.Height = 250f;
     ellipse.Center = new NPointF(200, 200);
     ellipse.Style.FillStyle = new NGradientFillStyle(GradientStyle.Horizontal, GradientVariant.Variant1, Color.Navy, Color.White);
    Visual Basic
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    If NDrawingView1.RequiresInitialization = True Then
        NDrawingView1.ViewLayout = CanvasLayout.Fit
        NDrawingView1.DocumentPadding = New Nevron.Diagram.NMargins(10)
        NDrawingView1.Document.Bounds = New NRectangleF(0, 0, 420, 320)
        Dim fs = NDrawingView1.Document.BackgroundStyle.FrameStyle
        fs.InnerBorderWidth = New NLength(0)
        Dim factory = New NBasicShapesFactory(NDrawingView1.Document)
        Dim ellipse = factory.CreateShape(BasicShapes.Ellipse)
        ellipse.Name = "myEllipse"
        ellipse.Width = 250.0F
        ellipse.Height = 250.0F
        ellipse.Center = New NPointF(200, 200)
        ellipse.Style.FillStyle = New NGradientFillStyle(GradientStyle.Horizontal, GradientVariant.Variant1, Color.Navy, Color.White)
    End If

  14. Now start the application again - the page must display the inserted component initialized.

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