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    AutoCAD Export
    In This Topic

    The AutoCAD Exporter extension helps you export a drawing to AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format (DXF). It is represented by the NAutocadExporter class, which one and only constructor by design requires a reference to the document that is going to be exported to DXF.

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    NAutocadExporter exporter = new NAutocadExporter(document);
    Visual Basic
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    Dim exporter As NAutocadExporter = New NAutocadExporter(document)

    You can use the SaveToFile method of the exporter to export the drawing directly to a DXF file or you can use the RenderToDxf method to get an NDxfImage of the drawing. The AutoCAD Exporter also has a localizable visual interface, which is displayed by the ShowDialog method.


    When exporting table shapes that contain images, the images are saved in a folder DXF_FILE_NAME_Images that accompanies the DXF File, where DXF_FILE_NAME is the name of the DXF file.

    The fillings of shapes filled with textures (i.e. an image or an advanced gradient) are not exported. To get the best results it is recommended that you use only colors, hatches or standard gradients when creating diagrams which are going to be exported to AutoCAD.