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    INDevice Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by INDevice.

    Public Properties
     PropertyGets or sets the color transform object associated with this device  
     Property (Inherited from Nevron.GraphicsCore.INLengthConverterProvider)
     PropertyGets or sets the device color palette  
     PropertyReturns the render surface of the device  
     PropertyObtains the rendering technology of the device  
     PropertyReturns true if the device requires interactivity  
     PropertyGets the resolution of this Device object.  
    Public Methods
     MethodActivates an atom.  
     MethodActivates an atomic element.  
     MethodActivates an element.  
     MethodActivates the specified interactivity style  
     Method (Inherited from System.IDisposable)
     MethodDisposes all graphics objects not used in the last paint  
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